The Mask is slipping Mr. Kejriwal

I fished out an article by The Print (belongs to the famous chameleon fence sitter Shekhar Gupta) that is a report card on the Yugpurush CM of Delhi. The link to the article is – I took two excerpts from this report card –

I want the “masked” Delhiites and some of Kejriwal’s slowly “die-hard” fans to contrast this with another CM’s performance –

“Maharashtra planted 24 crore trees in 3 years”.

Read the full article here –

What Kejriwal promised were 35 lakh trees and instead 17000 trees were cut !!! This is great governance and all those who are trying to blame the Central government in their foolish hatred towards Mr. Modi, please think and speak – unless the smog is clouding your brain. Forget a CM who has all the state’s machinery under his/her disposal, the young 106 year old Padma Shri awardee Saalumarada Thimmakka has planted over 8000 plants in the past 65 years including over 400 banyan trees. Has the Yugpurush CM of Delhi planted even one tree in the past 4 years ?

Here is the other poll promise that would have reduced pollution significantly –

Did Mr. Modi put handcuffs on Kejriwal? What a “nautanki” this man is !!

To live in Delhi NCR one has to be like the West African Lungfish, which wrap themselves in a mucus cocoon, burrow into the mud, and lie dormant during the dry season for years and when rains return, the fish pops back out of the Earth. On Friday, for the first time Krishnan and I “felt” the pollution – our eyes watered, the air was heavy and this was inside the house. We didn’t go anywhere and didn’t manage to do much as it was difficult to go out.

On Saturday the smog descended … we still braved it and went out for a walk in the morning. Got back after just one round of walking as it was difficult to breathe.

Saturday Nov 2nd – morning smog 🙁
Saturday Nov 2nd evening at 6.20 pm

Yesterday was a little better and today is a little better than yesterday.

Today, Nov 4th – 5.50 pm

At home the air quality is good because we got ourselves an air purifier. I have got a set of Nasofilters as well. Will Kejriwal and Mr. Khattar pay for these additional expenses ??

Why can’t the crop burning be banned ? Why can’t we ban the sale of new vehicles in Delhi for the next 10 years ? Why can’t the public transport be improved ? Why do we wake up so late in the year after the Mango people have inhaled a year’s worth of smog ??

We are seriously contemplating a move out of Delhi NCR till things improve …. Health is wealth and breathing this air is definitely not adding to our health.

In anguish,

A Delhi lover :(:(

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