Day 25 – Riverside Walk

Sept 25, 2019 – Vienna, Austria

Today we decided to walk from our Airbnb to Schwedenplatz. The Metro comes almost in a straight line from Schwedenplatz and there are walking tracks on both sides of the river that is adjacent to the metro line. The added bonus was we could view a lot of street art especially between the Schottenring and Schwedenplatz stations on both sides of the Donaukanal (Danube Canal).

We left after lunch and got down into the walking path near the Friedensbrucke station. Its initially just a walking and cycling path with park benches and places for people to sit. After about a kilometre there is a bridge that you can take and cross over to the other side (which is right next to the metro route.

View of the DonauKanal
View of the Donaukanal from the bridge, the other side. You can see the Palace built like a fort in the background.

Once we crossed the bridge and got off on the other side, the walls were filled with either graffiti or beautiful street art all the way till the Schwedenplatz station. Its a straight road that goes all the way near the river cruise office that is opposite the Schedenplatz station.

Try reading the letter “VIBE” 🙂
Krishnan standing next to the “Vibe” wall that’s fully painted !
I think the artist of the skull is “Peks” so he has signed it as art on the side of the skull.. the other one seems to be the future of man with a glass helmet and some sort of space armour 🙂
Fish and a tortoise and probably a pig and a duck too having a conversation … will we regress into fishes again ?


This long panel had some graffiti and some art …
This is on the opposite side wall from the side we were walking on. Again a mix of graffiti and some art ..
The two angels are painted on some metal panels …am not sure if its street art or some sort of advertisement
Broken Lives?
This is very evocative … one is bombarded with so many thoughts and opinions from so many people !
I can identify the earphone as a big part of the human being 🙂 but am not able to interpret anything else. Maybe that’s the message.

We walked out to the Schwedenplatz station and took a metro back to Friedensbrucke. It was a nice long walk and we enjoyed it thoroughly… these kind of spaces is what we miss in India, where there are no vehicles coming by. Actually there are walking paths and massive parks available but they are not right next to one’s home and that makes all the difference in terms of access and the motivation to get out.

p.s – We did eat ice creams again at Eissalon and then we tried getting our favourite “kelten” the poppy seeds filled pastry at Naschmarkt but by the time we reached Naschmarkt, the shops were all closed. We did manage to get a couple of kelten’s from a shop that was near our favourite store and they were ok, not as great as the one we ate in our first visit.

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