Day 24 – Hunting for Vienna Street Art

Sept 24, 2019 – Vienna, Austria

We decided to spend the whole day hunting down the street art in Vienna. I had stumbled upon some websites when we stayed in Vienna a couple of weeks back but we couldn’t do a search then, except finding the ones at Naschmarkt. We also wanted to visit one of the Indian grocery stores and they all seemed to be in and around the West Bahnhof area.

I had an early morning coaching call and just before that I quickly made Millet Khichadi for breakfast and lunch. We took the U4 (metro) to Spittelau, which is the next station after Freidens Brucke going towards Heiligenstadt. Then we changed to the U6 line going towards Siebenherten, and got off at Burgasse Stadthalle station. The blog that got me started on this trip is – Street Art Murals Vienna

When I looked at the map on the link above most of the murals seemed to be around Burgasse and the three Indian grocery stores – Prosi, Purewal and Dhariwal, all were around the U6 route, so decided to get off at that station. As soon as we surfaced onto the road, I noticed the Prosi Exotic Supermarket ! We went in and found it extremely well stocked. Bought some rotis and Haldirams bhelpuri. The store stocks all Asian groceries and is run by a Malayali, who understands Tamil the way I understand Malayalam, so we stuck to English.

We then walked out towards the West Bahnhof station and found the first set of murals in a small park that is between the tram route and the offices.

These set of murals were painted during the Calle Libre street art festival
The caption says it all … fruits from outer space. The GMO fruits do look like this 🙂
This is just Calle Libre written artistically !
One of the trees and some vine has grown over the mural. Does the artist want to say that children are having to wear a mask ??
This is on the side closer to the West Bahnhof station .. have taken another shot of it from across the road.
This shot from across the road captures the whole mural but am unable to read any meaning into the work…

From here we went in front of the West Bahnhof and started looking for Felberstraße (pronounced as FelberStrasse) for this massive mural mentioned in the Wombats Hostel blog. Its exactly at the back of the Westbahnhof building. This is a stunning mural …. I am still wondering about how the artists painted it on this massive wall.

There were two more murals mentioned in the same Wombats Hostel blog that were around this area but I was keen to look for a mural of a man with a dog that was on Magdalenenstraße. We looked up the address on Google maps and saw that we could either walk or take a U3 going towards Simmering and get off at the next station ZigligerGasse. We took the metro because google maps was turning in circles in certain places and we didn’t want to go on a wild goose chase.

Three massive murals on Hofmuhlgasse.

We got off at the next station and found ourselves in a great shopping district. Much later we realised we were on Mariahilfer Strasse, the longest and best shopping street in all of Vienna. But we were focussed on finding our street art first, so we put Sandwirtgasse 6 as the next address and walked through a street where some construction work was happening and suddenly we first came upon three huge murals – the Danube canal plus the piano depicting the music connection of Vienna, plus the man and woman in the head of a fish, then the man with a little girl on his shoulders and butterflies to the right of that. I was particularly moved by the man with the girl on his shoulders as it brought back memories of Appa carrying me on his shoulders as he trudged up the Tirumala hill. 

As you stand facing them, just turn around and walk a few metres into the street called Sandwirtgasse and you find this mural of a brooding man with his tools, off to repair something.

I took a picture of the man with the little girl from the street in front of it … so beautiful.

We took a couple of pictures here and then returned to Mariahilfer Strasse to shop a little. Krishnan wanted to find the organic store Denn’s and google maps helped us a lot by taking us on a wild goose chase :):). We walked around a block twice, but when we went into one of the sides for the first time, I stumbled upon the following two murals.

I guess the artist is trying to warm people off junk food… with the toothbrush there .. the trees have grown over the lower portion so I couldn’t see what was at the bottom.
A child in a concrete jungle ?

We couldn’t find the Denn’s organic store in this area so we just took another U-bahn and went to Stephansplatz to have coffee at the oldest coffee house in Vienna, Frauenhuber. We each had an outstanding Melange at Frauenhuber and more about that in a separate blog. We then looked for Denn’s at Stephansplatz and found we were less than 500 metres from one. This time we did find the store and they had the same Ghee that I had picked up at Al Natura in Munich. Bought that and took a U4 to return to our Airbnb.

What an art filled day …. just beautiful.


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