Day 23 – Coaching with a view and a regular day in Vienna !

Sept 23, 2019

Woke up only by 6.20 even though I had set the alarm for 5 am. The following is the view from our Airbnb’s bedroom –

View of the street in front of our Airbnb at night …
View of the street in front of our Airbnb early in the morning …
View of the street in front of our Airbnb from the deck ! So beautiful.

Made Semiya Upma in the morning and did my first coaching call at 9.30 am sitting in the living room and looking out at this view. Then started making lunch at 12 noon – made poosanikai sambar , rice and potato subzi. I had another coaching call scheduled at 2.30 pm so got lunch done by 2 pm. It took longer to make everything as I had to keep washing the magic pot and make every item. Couldn’t cook concurrently. Just before the call, my coachee asked for a reschedule to tomorrow morning. I said ok, but it delayed our program for the afternoon.

We started getting ready around 4 pm and left for our trip to Wien Mitte around 5 pm.

The CAT city office and the Manner wafer store at The Mall, Wien Mitte

Bought the weekly ticket and got off at Landstraße station and walked around The Mall. When we got out of the mall we found the CAT information centre and the “Manner” wafer store next to it. Went and bought a couple of packs of the wafers to honor a Viennese speciality and also to indulge in Krishnan’s love for the wafer biscuit. The “Manner” wafer company was founded in 1890 and they are famous for their Neapolitan wafers which they made in 1898 and were the first to make them.

From there we went out and tried walking towards the left just to explore the place. Found a couple of interesting stores and then Krishnan wanted to go to Eissalon, the 1886 ice cream shop. Google maps played truant and we went back and forth at the Wien Mitte junction atleast 4 times before I simply switched it off and set off towards the St. Stephans church whose spire was visible. The minute we moved towards the right of the Wien Mitte’s The Mall, we reached the Spar that is on the Georg Coch platz. We again went around in circles as Google maps tried to tell us we were just 650 metres from the Eissalon, but whichever direction we moved, it increased the distance. I noticed that it said the ice cream store was near Postgasse. I remembered that this was the route taken by the ring tram so we just switched off the map and started walking towards the SchwedenPlatz station. We reached the Eissalon easily and Krishnan remembered having seen the place when we came to Schwedenplatz for the ring tram ride.

View of one of the streets in the evening … the lighting on the tall building changes color but couldn’t capture that in a picture.
The Eissalon near the Schwedenplatz station

Recognise anyone ? The green jacket guy with the yellow bag ? :):)
The massive selection of ice creams at the Eissalon

We ate a couple of scoops of outstanding ice cream, took pictures and left from there to reach Friedensbrucke. We got off at our station and walked to our favorite Billa store at FranzJosefhof that we had discovered yesterday. Bought fruits and veges and walked back home. Slept a little early as I have another coaching call tomorrow in the morning.

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    • Koka – Vienna is certainly cleaner than Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi. It’s not cleaner than Vizag and Indore 😀. And where are you able to see the road in India to compare even ? Either there are people or vehicles or vendors on our roads 🙁


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