Day 20 – Ice cream, Burek & an art Gallery !

Sept 20, 2019 Evening – Zagreb, Croatia

In the morning we had done the laundry and re-packed all the bags so that none of them was individually too heavy. Post lunch we went out for a walk and also to eat ice cream at Vincek, a place that Krishnan had discovered.

We first went out on Ilica street till the crossroads where the Funicular starts and then as we walked back, we got into Vincek Slasticarnica, the leading patisserie which also sells ice cream. The choice of ice creams was mind boggling. Krishnan got himself a couple of scoops while I took just one scoop of vanilla. We stepped out into the street to eat our ice creams and truly this place is something else ! Usually I would eat at best half a scoop of ice cream and hand over the rest to Krishnan but this one I polished off. Vincek was setup in 1977 and was the first to offer the famous Zagreb custard slices topped with whipped cream and high-quality chocolate. Their ice creams are made fresh every day and it shows in the quality of the ice cream.

Krishnan with his favourite ice cream store in Zagreb, Vincek in the background

After having ice creams, we walked a bit more towards the main square. Just near the start of the main square you have a Pan Pek store that’s a bakery cum cafe. We walked in to have a coffee and saw that they have the Bosnian dish Burek with cheese filling. So we got a piece of Burek and a coffee to use up the coins that we had left with us because earlier in the day, we had exchanged all the Kunas back to Euros.

After fortifying ourselves with coffee and Burek we walked towards the Dolac market because we didn’t have a good picture of the ground floor market that has the Gligora cheese store.

Dolac market. This is the ground floor covered market which has cheese, milk, yoghurt etc. You take the steps on the left and go up to the first floor which has the fresh vegetable and fruit market everyday from 6 am to 2 pm.

From the Dolac market we walked towards the St. Peter’s cathedral and got a picture at a very different angle.

St. Peter’s cathedral from the street leading off the Dolac market

As we took a right and walked down towards the main square there was a big group of Indian-looking tourists walking up towards the cathedral. When they saw me in a saree they all said Hare Krishna and I asked where they were from. They told us there were part of ISKCON and from the US. How cool ! Hare Krishna :).

After we got onto the Ilica main road, we turned towards Spar but went a whole block further before turning right again. We found a few interesting stores on this road, a huge casino and at one of the cross roads we found this round pillared building, the Mestrovicev Paviljon – Croatian Association of Artists.

Mestrovicev Paviljon – Croatian Association of Artists

Interestingly enough – This building was originally an art gallery, designed and built by famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović but during WWII it was used as mosque !! Now its again being used as an art gallery.

In this pano shot you can see the same round pillared building in the background and Hotel Sheraton to one side

We kept walking till we reached the road on which the main railway station Glavni Kolodvor is located and then we just walked back to the Airbnb. We have to sleep early as we have a really early morning train to Vienna.

Loved Zagreb and will be back to explore more sometime …

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