Learning while doing Laundry !

Day 20 – Sept 20, 2019 Zagreb, Croatia

Since we are leaving Zagreb tomorrow, we decided to get our laundry done at the laundromat near the Airbnb and later in the evening we went out to eat ice cream at a special shop.

We went really early to the laundromat. We had collected enough coins because the machine there would only accept HRK 5, 2 and 1. There is even a machine there that would give you the coins as required if you ended up having only notes or larger denominations. Everything is automatic and there are clear instructions given. We loaded one of the washing machines with all the clothes that we had brought with us and just sat around to wait for it to complete the washing. Two machines were already in use ! None of the restaurants or cafe’s were open so we couldn’t even get a coffee.


The washers. Dryers are on the left. The machine with the blue paint is the coin exchange machine incase you dont have HRK 5,2, or 1
The massive dryers

We were just chatting and taking pictures when my eyes fell on this book titled “Zagreb” and luckily it was in English. There were several copies of the same book but they were in Croatian, just one copy was in English. What a treasure trove of information this book was. I took pictures of some of the pages –

So the trip to the laundry turned out to be a learning opportunity !

We had to use the dryer a couple of times before the clothes got totally dry. We still had to put a few clothes out to dry a bit more, but most of the clothes could be packed straightaway. I spent the morning half re-packing everything in such a way that none of the boxes were too heavy and both of us could carry any of the bags. We still would need help from Mirko in the morning tomorrow as the train is really early and we have to carry all the bags down.

In the evening we went out for a long walk and besides the ice cream place we also saw a few other sights. Read more in the next blog !



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