Day Trip to Ljubljana & Lake Bled – part 2

Sept 19, 2019 – Lake Bled, Slovenia, Post Lunch

Post lunch in Ljubljana, we drove down to Lake Bled which is about 55 kms away and it took us about 45 minutes to get there. Lake Bled is in the Julian Alps and has a tiny island in the middle. The island has a church and a few other buildings. Krishnan and I didn’t want to do the boat ride to the island, so we just kept walking on the walking paths around the Lake.

Lake Bled is very picturesque but tiny … especially for Krishnan and I as we have seen the stunning Khuvsgul Lake in Mongolia. Its human nature I guess to compare things and we compare every lake with Khuvsgul :):).

Lake Bled and the tiny island with the church on it
You can see the castle on the left which we visited later and the church spire on the Bled island on the right
A beautiful picture taken by our guide Philip’s friend. There is a small deck that extends a little into the lake for people to take pictures with this spectacular background

The saree am wearing is my birthday saree, the famous Air India saree from Cooptex and don’t miss the yellow cloth bag that we got at the Munich station. Its a really nice bag even after we realised that it is made in Pakistan :). Some common citizen of Pakistan made it not a politician or the army so I guess its ok.

Once our fellow travellers got back from their boat ride to the island, we started our trip to the Bled castle. We all got ourselves the entrance pass and Philip then took us to the printing press as the first stop. The castle printing press has a reconstructed Gutenberg’s wooden printing press which is used to demonstrate printing on hand-made paper with historical blocks and lead letters.

The gentleman at the printing press explained how letters were set and a page was printed.
Showcasing different blocks etc used in screen printing

We then went to a store that sells different kinds of organic honey. We tasted some ginger infused honey and it was really tasty. Post these two demos we were on our own and we walked upto the viewing deck and got some amazing pictures of Lake Bled and the Bled town.

View of the Lake and the Bled Town from the castle
The Lake island as seen from the castle

It got windy and quite cold in the castle so Krishnan and I had to zip up our jackets. We got off the view point quickly and got into the cafe to eat the famous cream cake (kremšnita). We just got one of the sinful cream cakes and a cappuccino to warm us.

View of the castle as we got down from the view point
The famous Cream cake at the Bled Castle

After polishing off the delicious but truly sinful cream cake, we started our trek down to the place where the car was parked. The cobblestones are quite slippery on the way down as the slope is quite steep, so I walked a little slowly. As we got down and waited for our co-travellers to arrive, we found two huge fire trucks parked there and one of them was watering the flower beds outside the castle.

Fire trucks at the entrance of Bled Castle

The Bled Castle was the last stop and we just drove back to Zagreb. Some of us dozed off a bit during our return drive. Krishnan and I decided to get off at Westin where two of the co-travellers got off and walk back to our Airbnb. We got onto the right road but got lost a little in between. Finally we managed to find the right road using google maps. What an advantage it is to have google maps in an unknown city !!

A beautiful day trip to a very beautiful city, Ljubljana and the scenic Lake Bled.

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