Day 17 – The World’s best Sir !

Sept 17, 2019 – Zagreb, Croatia

Yesterday during the walking tour of Zagreb, Krishnan had asked Vid, our tour guide about a cheese store called Gligora. We tried looking for it near the Dolac market as the map showed but couldn’t locate it. Vid told us all cheese stores and stores selling food items requiring refrigeration are in the market just below the Dolac market.

So today we decided to visit this market. The Dolac market is behind the main square (Horseman square) and the other day when we went to that market, I saw some people going in and out of the building at the ground level. The reason we were looking for a store named Gligora is because Gligora cheese has won several awards and recently won two international awards for the best cheese in London. In 2015, at the World Cheese Awards, they won the award in the ‘Best Central and Eastern European cheese’ category. Gligora is a small family-run business on the island of Pag which is renowned for producing world-class cheeses. Read more about them on this link –

As we entered the market below Dolac market, we found the Gligora store on the right hand side. We walked upto the store and we are no cheese experts so I asked the lady in charge if they had mozzarella and she pointed out a small container which had a large “rasagolla” type cheese in whey. Then she gave us another salty cheese which is apparently homemade cheese. The best thing about Gligora cheese is that they use Rennet that is of microbiological origin rather than from the gut of a calf, so totally fine for vegetarians.

Gligora Cheese store in Dolac market
The homemade cheese that we bought

We walked around the marketplace and found it to be spic and span and many stores selling fresh bread, fresh vegetables and fruits. Bought some Raspberries and Blue Berries from a lady’s store.

The marketplace on the ground level below the Dolac market
The store where I bought Raspberries and Blue Berries

All through this trip we have been enjoying a variety of fresh fruits and particularly in Vienna they are all organic and without any pesticides.

Before coming to the market we went to the bank that is near the main square to convert Euros into Kunas. The system is quite similar to our banks in India – get a token from the machine and wait for it to be called. The interesting thing was the teller put the Euros into a jar and placed it in a tiny elevator and after a few minutes it returned with Kunas :). We didn’t convert a lot of Euros because fruits and vegetables are really inexpensive in Zagreb.

We went out for a walk again later in the evening and tried out some Apple Strudel and a cheese croissant from “Dubravica” a bakery cum patisserie which is near our Airbnb. Actually it seems to be a chain of stores and its always crowded.

…. and if you are wondering about the title of the blog, Cheese is “Sir” in Croatian :):). 

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