Book Review #17/50 – The Child

With this book, I have read all the three fiction books that Fiona Barton has written. I read them out of sequence … I read her latest book “The Suspect” first and her first book “The Widow” second and her second book “The Child” as the third one :).

This book too goes through interesting twists and turns and conforms to Fiona Barton’s central message in her books that reality is often stranger than fiction. While its a work of fiction, it stays close to reality. The discovery of the remains of a baby in a construction site triggers off different reactions in three different women… a near closure for a mother who believes her child was stolen but then she does get closure in an unexpected way. This book also explores the sad reality of teenage pregnancy and how some women make terrible choices in the men they live with or marry. Drugs, molestation and a professor indulging in all this sordid stuff is another sad reality of our times.

I enjoy reading about any incident from the media’s perspective. The way they hunt for a story and how sometimes inspite of themselves they do get emotionally involved in the story. Fiona Barton’s life as a journalist brings that aspect into all her books.

Recommendation – 5 stars and a fiction lover’s must read book. I am eagerly looking forward to Fiona Barton’s next book !

Taken from Fiona Barton’s website

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