Before my friends assume that this post is about how I have suddenly become a proper Tamilian whose meal is not complete without “curd rice” ….. it is NOT. 🙂 I like curds, I like Yoghurt (unsweetened), I like raita, Kadi, Morkozhambu and yes I like lassi once in a while but I still don’t like curd rice. I eat curd rice only when thats the only option to keep me from going hungry.

For the past one year, we have been making curds at home, churning butter and making ghee as well. Before that we would buy the curd/yoghurt packets or tubs as Krishnan and Amma do eat curd rice, especially Amma.

This time during the Europe trip, I found two brands of Yoghurt that were simply out of this world. One brand is “Sutdiyari” the picture is on the left and we bought it at a store near Hannover Market, in Vienna. I think I ate half the container and didn’t eat anything else. It was genuinely tasty. The brand on the right, “‘Z bregov” was the yoghurt we bought at a SPAR store, in Zagreb, Croatia. Again, it was tasty enough to eat just like that and we probably had it as a snack many times.

Yoghurt is one item that’s widely available across the world and for vegetarians its a huge help. Its a good snack and sometimes can substitute a meal and for Indians can be eaten in many ways – curd rice, dahi poha, salad dressing etc. So if any of you curd/yoghurt lovers out there find yourself in Vienna – look for the “Sutdiyari” brand and if you find yourselves in Zagreb then the “Z bregov” brand. In India – make curds at home with full fat milk :):).

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