School in Vienna and School in India

The following picture is of a school in Vienna on the Graf Starhemberger Strasse. Around 2 pm when the school closed for the day, mothers have come to take their children back home. There is not a single child being taken home in a car. They are either walking or being taken on a cycle. No cars can enter this street !!

Contrast this with a school in Gurgaon – The prestigious Shriram School that is inside the Regency Park building. When the school closes for the day at 2.30 or 3 pm, there is a traffic jam outside the school.


Traffic jam outside Hamilton court
Traffic Jam !

One of the Uber drivers told us that the problem in Delhi is because each car has one person … there is no car pooling. What a good insight by a person whom we generally assume to be uneducated. The social status signalling that a car brand offers is very important to the Dilliwallah… And that thought is sowed from when a child is young. Why can’t it be mandatory for school children to only use the school bus? I understand that we are some years away from making the roads safer to walk or cycle but everyone can travel in a school bus. Reduces pollution as well.

Maybe the government needs to intervene here too … Dilliwallahs won’t learn otherwise :).

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