Tomatoes – Vienna and Zagreb

Last year when we travelled to Germany, our first port of call was Hamburg. I asked our Airbnb host about buying some groceries and fruits nearby and she pointed us to an “Edeka” supermarket, a kilometre or so away. When we walked in there the first thing that caught my attention was vine-ripened, red tomatoes with the vines still there.

I bought some and took a picture of them to show to Amma.

Tomatoes from Edeka, Hamburg

This year, when we went to Zagreb and to the Dolac market, a daily farmer’s market – I found the largest sized tomatoes ever. They were as big as mini pumpkins :). They tasted nice but I did wonder if they were genetically modified or were they just another variety of tomatoes…


Massive Tomatoes of Croatia

My Mama and Mami were staying with Amma this time and one of the days when I did a video call with them from Vienna, Mami spotted the vine-ripened tomatoes on the kitchen island and asked me to bring some back with me. I just clicked a picture for her instead as it wasn’t possible to bring the tomatoes … even though I was equally tempted to bring them 🙂

Ripe, red Tomatoes from Billa supermarket, Vienna

We get these red tomatoes in India too, but just rarely with the vine.. the desi tomatoes do come with their stem but the “Bangalore” hybrid tomatoes don’t and they aren’t round either. Some sort of altered variety of tomatoes I guess.

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