Live to travel

Day 5 – Retracing the Ring Tram Route

Sept 5, 2019 – Vienna, Austria

The day didn’t start off too well … when I called Amma around 7.30 am I heard that she had fallen down coming from the bathroom with a small bucket of water. Padma had come home to see her. Amma was speaking normally but it took a while for me to understand that she had a small bump on her head and no other injury. Prashanthi had heard the sound on the first floor because it was around 6.30 am when it had happened and had come down to see what had happened. Amma had a coin sized bump on which Prashanthi applied ice and massaged coconut oil. The swelling subsized quickly.

I cried when I heard the news, because I was so far away. While Amma and Padma reassured me that she was fine, and everyone was around to take care of her, the feeling of not being there was tough. For further reassurance I pinged Ravindra to go and see Amma. He did that in the evening and confirmed to me that she was absolutely fine. They were planning to see the doctor tomorrow as he wasn’t available today. Amma told me to just take it easy and not be worried. We went out only after Ravindra confirmed that she was fine and Prashanthi got her to sleep upstairs.

So we retraced the Ring Tram’s route starting from Schwedenplatz. The entire distance was about 6 kms.

You can see the giant Ferris Wheel in the background

The first building on your left

Post office and Coch’s statue in front, this is on the right

Found “India” scribbled on a wall and immediately clicked a pic

University of Fine Arts

Luger’s statue – in front of this is Karlsplatz as you cross the Danube channel

Coburg Palace

Hotel Ritz Carlton

Hotel Imperial

Saw a Yeti in the same color as our old Car… wonderful car and great memories 🙂

Found Aon’s office on one of the buildings

Statsoper – State Opera 🙂

Goethe’s statue

Hofburg Palace entrance

This is in front of the Hofburg palace. On the right is the Museum of Natural History

The museum of fine arts on the left of the Maria Theresa Square

The Parliament building

Vienna, the land of music and our very own Zubin Mehta was performing !

The Burg Theatre

Vienna’s Rathaus or Townhall

Neo-Gothic VotiveKirche

The Vienna stock exchange building … but the stock exchange has moved out.

War Museum or a Palace ? Am not sure

Indian Restaurant

Monument to the victims of Fascism

St. Rupert’s Church – patron saint of the Salzburg salt merchants.


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