Day 4 – Ring Tram and Soaking in Yves Netzhammer’s work

Sept 4, 2019 – Vienna, Austria

We decided to take the Ring Tram ride today. Its an interesting 20 to 25 minute ride that our walking tour guide had mentioned yesterday. It starts from Schwedenplatz and goes around the ring road with an audio guide calling out all the important buildings. We reached the Schwedenplatz station easily and there are enough signages to bring you out to the right exit. When we reached the Ring Tram starting point, we realised there was still 30 mins for the tram to come by. So we bought the tickets and walked across to one of the bridges across river Danube. There were ships docked there and a banner that said they had cruise tickets for Bratislava. We decided to complete the tram trip and then find out about that.

View from the bridge
View from the bridge – the opposite side 🙂

The tram trip started off with Mozart’s music streaming through the ear phones. The English audio tour was quite interesting and we got to see all the major monuments. The buildings are so beautiful !! The tram ride went off really quickly and wasn’t convenient to take pictures so we decided to come back tomorrow or another day and retrace the entire route on foot. We got off the tram in 30 mins and walked across to the cruise station. There were no spots free on the 7th. So we got back on the U1 and returned to the Airbnb for lunch.

Post lunch we decided to do discover Swiss computer artist Yves Netzhammer’s permanent installations at the Altes Landgut metro station. The walls of the escalator apparently have large-format murals, interestingly, “face-tracking snails”. There are totally 63 stylized portraits and these are a tribute to the diversity of people. The drawings were applied to the metal plates by means of digital direct printing (DDP) and a special paint that uses light interference effects – source – wikipedia. 

So we again took the U-bahn to Altes Landgut station and what a visual treat it was …. just posting the murals. They need no description. Some of the pictures were taken by Krishnan as he was more comfortable being handsfree on the escalator than me. I tend to feel that I will topple over if I let go of the handrails 🙂 only on the long and deep escalators. The only challenge I felt was the fact that all the murals are seen only from the escalators so there is no way to stop and admire them. Maybe the escalators need to be slowed down totally or steps introduced so that people can enjoy the murals. We did a few trips up and down the escalators to capture all the images.

We decided to walk back to our Airbnb as we realised it was a straight road back to Hbf and then to our apartment. When we got out of the station, the area seemed right out of a small town in the US and not something in Europe. There was even a Burger King to complete the feeling :).

We got back to the Airbnb, rested for some time and then went out for an evening stroll. Will post that in a separate blog.

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