First Blog Post from a Bus

Sept 27, 2019 – 2.30 pm Vienna Time

I have always had challenges reading on a bus or in a car. I would be very uncomfortable with the constant movement in the bus and in a car mostly I will be driving. Even in an Uber I would ask Krishnan to type out any messages and I would just take a call but no SMS or WhatsApp. Writing was out of the question !

So this blog has to be recorded because I am posting from a RejioJet bus enroute to Budapest from Vienna. The seats are high up so probably the jerky movement is less. It’s a Volvo and the roads are good. Roads are good in India too and we have Volvo there too, so I guess it’s just the way we drive there :).

Life is far less frenetic and crazy in Europe compared to India or the US or it seems even Malaysia as our fellow travellers from Malaysia mentioned. People go about their daily routine in a lot more relaxed fashion and no one is rushing to put their bags before you or get to their seat before you.

The scenery outside is just a repeat of the three pictures below that Krishnan clicked half hour back –

Am getting back to my fiction book. More from Budapest.

Recommendations – Use RejioJet buses for travel out of Vienna. The seats are really comfortable, there is free coffee on-board and it has the most basic human requirement in today’s times – good WiFi :). The tickets are inexpensive compared to the train tickets and many countries are just a couple of hours away.

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