Book Review #16/50 – The Widow

This is the second book by Fiona Barton that I am reading …. the first one blew me away and set the bar really high. This one is equally gripping and fast paced, but I felt let down by the ending. I expected a twist in the tale but it didn’t come and I could guess the murderer.

What I like most about Fiona Barton’s fiction writing is the story is really close to reality with unexpected loose ends and some criminals getting away scot free. Thats precisely what happens in real life. Fiction that has all ends tied up neatly or characters that are larger than life are also interesting but you know you are reading something imaginary, but with Fiona Barton, every one of these stories is possible and probably is happening.

This book is the story of a missing child and a childless model couple. Suddenly one fine day the husband is arrested in connection with the missing child and the story unfolds. The sleazy porn world to a picture book like house to a good looking man who loves his wife to distraction…all woven together into a gripping tale. The media that hounds, but ultimately gets critical clues that helps the police solve the mystery of the missing child. Because Fiona is a journalist, there is more depth to the media characters and you see the competition and hunger for stories. How a trial is conducted by the media outside the courtrooms – its all too familiar and real.

This book is certainly recommended for fiction lovers. I am becoming a fan of Fiona Barton and will buy the other book that she has written, “The Child”. Happy reading.

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