Howdy Modi ?…. All guns blazing !

Yesterday was the mega “Howdy Modi” event at Houston and Krishnan and I didn’t miss a minute of it. How could we ? Our rockstar PM was addressing the largest gathering of Indians outside of India ! When I met Americans through work for the first time in 2001, they didn’t know much about India. My interaction deepened when I joined Hewitt and today I have several Americans as good friends of mine. Those who have visited India, appreciate our country and understand the diversity in culture, food and language, but many Americans who haven’t travelled much, and didn’t take world history lessons may not even know we exist. Seen in that context, the “Howdy Modi” event has brought India to the centerstage.

For a man who comes from a tiny village in Gujarat, to become the Prime Minister of the country and then to address such a massive gathering in the US, is something else. I wonder if there are any parallels in history … the moment our PM walked out to the stage, there was thunderous applause and all the senators and members of Congress on the stage, took pictures of him – this man is a genuine “star”.

Krishnan and I had tears in our eyes when our national anthem was sung by young Sparsh Shah from a wheelchair – his young life is as much about making the impossible possible as Mr. Modi’s is. I loved this tweet –

So true … and this Gujju is doing it “sood samet”, using the POTUS’ shoulder to fire at Pakistan :):).

There were 70,000 people in the NRG stadium and many more who couldn’t get in. I wonder if any US politician even gets 70,000 people in a single rally – if that’s not a big enough statement, you don’t belong to this planet.

I kept clicking pictures from the screen of the swelling crowds –

For how many world leaders has POTUS stood at the back and clapped ?? All the HMVs can atleast rejoice in the respect given to the Prime Minister of India, if not Modi the person.
That’s the mega turnout …. not anything new for Mr. Modi but on foreign soil, its massive.
Thanks President Trump :). Even if you said it to win your re-election, we still like it.
Forget the caption about defence deals …. just look at the 70,000 strong audience just bursting with pride that our PM was there.

I don’t know how we cannot celebrate the fact that Modiji is putting India on the world map, not as the land of snake charmers but as a huge nation with a great past and an even greater future, capable of leading the world. What has politics got to do with it ? He isn’t doing it for himself, but for every one of us. We need to step up and claim the stage, make the most of the opportunities and get on with it.

Here’s another tweet that clearly says how big a deal this whole event has been ….

With all due respect to all the previous Prime Ministers, I have no doubt that history will remember Narendra Damodardas Modi as the best thing that happened to India since Independence. His imprint on the world will be indelible and am glad that we are alive to witness a visionary leader.

Jai Hind.

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