Happy Birthday Modiji

Every year since you formed the government and I registered on the NaMo App, I have got birthday wishes from you. This is the first year that you haven’t sent the birthday wishes and it happened to be my 50th, so I was a little disappointed !! I do hope you will make up for it by meeting us :). I also decided to wish you on your birthday, something, that I haven’t done for ANY living politician ever.

First things first –

જન્મદિવસ ની શુભકામના

and may you live a long life because India will become better in every way under your leadership.

Krishnan and I became aware of your magic in 2007 … Krishnan was working for a real estate design firm and was in Ahmedabad the day when the Gujarat assembly election results were announced. NDTV was (gleefully) announcing the end of your innings as Chief Minister. The BJP it seems was losing. Krishnan asked some of his client contacts in Ahmedabad about you and they all replied saying – “he will come back to power with a clear majority because he has done a lot of work for Gujarat”. They weren’t even slightly concerned about NDTV’s predictions. Well, the results were obviously as they said – you won and NDTV got egg on their face, which helped them survive for the next seven years till you became the Prime Minister and eventually their feet of clay got exposed.

So from 2007, we have kept an eye on you. We enjoyed our short visit to Ahmedabad in July 2011. The city was clean, it was safe, the roads were great and there was no power outage in the four days we stayed there …. Then the 2014 general elections happened. We were thrilled when you were nominated as BJP’s prime ministerial candidate and the results in 2014 were announced on Krishnan’s birthday. It was a double celebration for us and we were in Gagar, near Nainital at a resort called “Soulitude”. They had a television in the common area and we watched every minute of the results telecast.

Our admiration for your work ethic, your deep commitment to India, and your political savvy has grown leaps and bounds. During the 2019 General elections some of our friends who are your supporters were worried if you will get a majority but Krishnan and I were sure of it because we have been travelling the length and breadth of the country and we have seen the impact of your schemes. We travel outside the country every year during our anniversary and last year we visited Madame Tussauds wax museum in London just to get a picture of ourselves with your wax statue. Even your wax statue was mobbed !! It took us several minutes to get our pictures clicked with you and we were so proud when we saw your picture on the information brochure of Madame Tussauds for the section on world leaders.

May you be blessed with strength and vigor to continue leading our country to great heights. May your deep love for our country remain forever. May the Buddha in you bring forth awareness and keep you on the right path. May your life be an inspiration for every child to reach for the stars…

I haven’t had Gujarati home-cooked food since 1987 when I left Jamnagar, so its long overdue. Looking forward to getting a birthday treat from you in person. Jai Hind.

Hoping to get a picture with the great man himself rather than his statue !

p.s – There are many who classify me as a Modi “bhakt”, but I am a conditional “bhakt”, not blind and am happy to be a Modi “bhakt” as long as he is India’s “bhakt”.

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