For a Mother …… (in-law)

Everyone feels blessed having one mother but I am twice blessed because my mother-in-law was like my second mother and with the same name even. She and I became friends the minute we met. She was strong-willed, persistent and so courageous. A never-say-die attitude, a super-quick wit and loads of gumption – just my kind of lady ! How many daughter-in-laws have been kissed by their mother-in-law on their wedding day ? Well, I have been. She taught me how to cook, how to manage the house and continue to work and most of all she taught me to take life’s blows on the chin and not buckle under pressure. She didn’t like being hugged so I made up for it by pinching her cheeks as she made her last journey when she couldn’t say anything to me.

Was it all rosy ? No, since both of us are strong-willed, she would say something and I would get upset, but we never fought because I didn’t want to fight with her after all that she had gone through in life. Her birthday was on Aug 22nd and this year as I am wearing a new saree on important dates throughout the year, I wore a new one on hers.

I wore a handwoven Gadwal that I bought from Archana’s Jhini Chadariya (FB page by the same name). This was Kousalya and Nachi’s gift for my 50th birthday so it made perfect sense to wear it on Amma’s birthday. I look a little wan because I wasn’t feeling too well that day but the saree makes up for it. The Gadwal saree is cotton body and silk borders. It feels buttersoft to wear and is festive enough to be worn on special occasions as well.

The neckpiece is fluorite beads from Desh Maheshwari.

As always photo credits go to Krishnan.

Read a little more about the Gadwal sarees in the picture below –

Taken from the Jhini Chadariya post in 2018.


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