R.I.P CONgress

Please see the tweet below ….

Lynching of anyone is unacceptable but why would CONgress choose to call Yogi Adityanath by his birth name ? It shows a deep disrespect to Hinduism and utter disregard for the Indian ethos.

Can CONgress family’s Mummy Ji tell us who Mr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio is ? I would like Mr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio to ensure that the alleged rapist Bishop Mulakkal is removed from the church and sent to jail. You must be wondering why I am asking Mr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio to do that, well, because he can. See the news article below –

Excerpted from the article on cruxnow website – https://cruxnow.com/church-in-asia/2019/04/10/charges-officially-filed-against-india-bishop-accused-of-rape/

I guess most readers would have figured out by now that Mr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio is Pope Francis’ birth name. While the CONgress would not dare call the Pope by his birth name and of course it would like the courts in India to wait till he gives permission to arrest Bishop Mulakkal, an Indian citizen (#$&?!), they have no qualms in calling Yogi Adityanath by his birth name !

This is precisely why the CONgress will soon be buried under the church of their choice. They just don’t care about India and hate Hinduism. That now-heir-now-no-hair Rahul goes around town changing his religion to suit the smattering of people who get paid to turn up for any of his rallies and expects that the Mango people will vote for CONgress? The Indian public is way smarter than that. Yes, his family managed to fool us for 70 years but it can’t do so anymore.

Just for the education of the CONgress party – Yogi Adityanath renounced his family at the age of 21 and became a monk in the Nath tradition. He is the Mahant or Peethadhishwar of the Gorakhnath Math. His contributions to his Math, constituency and now as the CM to the state of U.P is far more than what the FAMILY has contributed to our country. Just for the record, he owns nothing unlike the current President of the CONgress who is richer than the Queen of England… without ever having a job post her marriage. Can they just explain their sources of income, EVER ?

CONgress is totally out of tune with reality…. “Mummy Returns” is yet another example of that. No hope for a resurrection and it should RIP.


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