Chidu’s Bail-gaadi halted ? Really ?

In an uncanny coincidence, I woke up today wanting to write a blog about V.O Chidambaram Pillai, a freedom fighter who gave his all for our independence and when we got back home at 4 pm today, the first thing Amma told us is that P.Chidambaram got arrested ! The news channel tickers go too fast for her to read the whole statement, but she saw Chidambaram’s photo and the word “arrested”. May her words come true.

I was about to write that two people having the same name and hailing from the same part of India, speaking the same language can be so far apart in character and contribution to the Nation. One a nation builder and the other a CON(g)man. But I couldn’t bring myself to write about the great V.O.C, “Kappal otiya Tamizhan” and the CON(g)man Chidambaram in the same blog. So this is dedicated to the CON(g)man.

He got anticipatory bail 25 times before the “bail-gaadi” was brought to a halt …

Like many others, I thought he would get away. This vile and wily man has had his finger into every pie and has greased many palms with money and power for so long that I was sure, he will escape. The day I see him arrested even for a few minutes, I will celebrate because that would truly mean that everyone is equal before the law, atleast momentarily.

The obscene amount of wealth the father and son duo have accrued …

Taken from Geetika Swami’s Twitter handle.

Now Chidu’s phone is switched off and he is not at his Jor Bagh residence ….

If he has nothing to hide and everything that he did was “by the law” then why not answer questions ? Why hide? Why anticipatory bail pleas? And I do want to remind the HMVs and fence sitters on Mr. Modi at this particular time – he never ran away ! He did subject himself to a CBI enquiry as a sitting Chief Minister and he didn’t switch off his phone. Think about that !

Till Chidu’s arrest pictures come out, I want to enjoy this moment with the following photographs that I took of the TV screens 🙂


For some reason I read the top line as BIGGEST “CONMAN” not “CONGMAN” … not much of a difference, except for the “G”. Geez, are they next ??? Ah, That would be something.

Jai Hind.

Note to P. Chidambaram – Karma is a bitch, and unlike the ones that you allegedly spent time with … this one bites at the right time and the right place to inflict maximum pain. And its payback time !  Remember

“அரசன் அன்று கொல்வான், தெய்வம் நின்று கொல்லும்”

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