India United – After 70 years of Independence !

Happy Independence Day ! It felt special, this Aug 15th because finally Jammu & Kashmir is truly a part of India. Article 370 and 35A ensured that J&K had a separate constitution and a separate flag besides being discriminatory to women and several other minorities. What’s fascinating is the reaction of some folks to these articles being nullified after following due process … simply because it was done by Mr. Modi and a BJP government ? I think Mr. Modi’s question today during his Independence Day address was spot on – if these two articles were SO beneficial to J&K, why didn’t the CONgress which has ruled India for most of the these 7 decades, make it a permanent part of the constitution? Why keep it temporary ?

Basically, everyone who is crying hoarse is unable to accept the fact that two people not belonging to their social strata (read “elite”) and who they felt were simpletons with no understanding of international relations or even governance so easily outwitted them !!! Welcome to the NEW India. 

There was this thread on Twitter by Aayush Narayan, that brilliantly explains the way Amit Shah works – hate him, love him, but you have to grant it to him – he is Chanakya reborn. And in all this what bothers the “fiberals” as Shefali Vaidya calls them or HMVs (hate Modi Voices) is the fact that there is no personal gain to Mr. Modi or Mr. Shah, strange, right?. Anyway.. am posting some of the interesting tweets that floated around when these Articles were about to be scrapped. We were in Chennai and managed to hear Amit Shah utter the historic words making Article 370 and 35A a thing of the past. Aug 5th – a red letter day.

Omar Abdullah feeling a little like the Kashmiri Pandits in 1990 … his dad was in London, partying or holing up when the Kashmiri Pandits were driven out of their homes. Karma is a bitch and she extracts alimony unlike an ex-wife whom this man abandoned !!

I have nothing to add … guess the Skin Doctor skinned Dr. Tharoor, nice and proper.

The following tweets were after these two articles were nullified –

This dangerous trend of focussing on just “one” section of the society in J&K is what led to all the problems ….

Ms. Sharma am told works with Nehru Dynasty TV, Enough Said 🙂

Imran Khan having to deal with genuine pace bowling without even a helmet to protect his already addled brain … tough life this, hmm.

Well the Clintons are beginning to smell real bad, both the miya-bibi seem to be deep under a pile of s%$t. What a sad ending to a charismatic man, Bill Clinton, who could have made such a huge difference in the world if only he had used the right end of his body to think !

Also my respect for Mr. Narasimha Rao has steadily been on the rise. He shows up as the only CONgressman with a spine and a splendid brain that he used unhesitatingly. No wonder, the FAMILY disliked him :(.

As I sign off, please do read this brilliant Twitter thread by Aayush Narayan. Personally, am glad to finally have a prime minister and a home minister who think about our country’s good – day in and day out. Plus its so much fun watching the CONgress and other politicians squirming like school kids. They don’t know what’s coming at them :):). Jai Hind.

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  1. This is amazing step by our government. When I last visited my hometown my grandmother told me a unique story about our association with Anantnag and Kashmiri Pandits. We had family pandits locally known as (Panda or Pnda) they used to visit our villages and people used to ask them about their horoscope and other astrology things. My horoscope is made by Kashmiri Pandits. They were always kind and warm towards their Yazmans (customers) and used to treat us like their family. My ansestor used to visit Martand Sun Temple located at Mattan village to perform last rites of family members who died unnatural death. Would love to see that culture come alive again in the valley.


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