Pastries? Nah…

It all started with an article that I read about the number of plastic shampoo bottles that we throw out and how replacing them with shampoo bars makes environmental sense. I like to do my bit in avoiding plastic and have made several changes like carrying cloth bags with me at all times, switching to steel or glass bottles for water, and refilling water jugs when we stay at any hotel during our ShikshaDaan Yatra or personal travel. I can confidently say that we haven’t bought a plastic bottle of water in many years now.

When I read about shampoo bars I started searching Amazon (no surprise!!) and nothing seemed very exciting. Then I searched on Google (again no surprise!!) and stumbled across “”. I read the founder’s story and immediately ordered a couple of shampoo bars. The one that is almost addictive is this shampoo bar called “Murumuru butter shampoo bar” –

The Murumuru butter shampoo bar from SoapworksIndia, kept in a reused/reusable plastic box.

As I ordered on, I remembered Anu, my most favourite teacher’s niece, who grew up with us and studied in the same school. Today Anu is being written about in the papers for her organic produce and handmade chemical free soaps ! So immensely proud of all that she has achieved. I immediately ordered some soaps from her and they are “delicious” – see the pics below 🙂

Not pastries – but soaps !

They came in neat brown boxes –

I have started with the Cocoa & Kaolin Clay soap and the utterly awesome Face Bar with activated charcoal. I was the kind of person who would wash her face once during the day … and suddenly I have started washing my face more often and the soap has made a huge difference to my skin. Its more supple and has cleared up a fair bit. I stopped using special face cleansers for the past several years and didn’t miss them. This soap is something else. To order Anu’s special soaps and her organic produce please visit her FB page – Nitya Jaivika. For folks who live in Bengaluru, Anu conducts soap making classes. Do attend and stick to making the soaps and don’t get tempted to eat them :):).

So bye-bye harsh chemicals and plastic shampoo bottles !

I made one more change – coloured my hair with organic henna and I am wondering why I never did it before … I used strong tea decoction and scraped some beetroot into the same boiling water, allowed it to cool and then mixed in the henna to a yoghurt like consistency, leaving it overnight. The color on my hair is so lovely. Its reddish brown and I will experiment with some organic indigo powder as well to see if I get the right shade of red that I like. Guess what… with organic henna, I can color my hair any number of times and adding things like gooseberries etc helps in conditioning the hair as well. Zero harm to the environment and no more harsh chemicals on my head.

Hair Dyes, Shampoos, Conditioners, Soaps, toilet cleaners, floor cleaners, insect repellants, room fresheners …. harsh chemicals have crept into our everyday lives so easily under the garb of germs getting killed or rooms smelling nicer or someone getting fairer that we are reeling under a chemical overdose. They all come in plastic bottles adding to the epidemic of plastic waste. Hopefully with these changes exposure to some of the chemicals has been reduced. We still have detergents and toilet cleaners and floor cleaners. There are organic, non-chemical alternatives that we must adopt.

Reduce plastic waste, reduce harsh chemicals from your daily life and help the Earth. She is choking !!

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