Book Review #12/50 – The Suspect

Readers Beware : Please don’t start reading this book if you have important work to do or meetings to attend or anything with a deadline. Start it on a day or night that you can spare fully to complete reading it. Its un-put-downable !

Now that I have given you a fair warning, I can wax eloquently about this book. I saw the title as I was browsing FB’s Senior Reading Racoons page. I think Bala added me to this group and I have picked up a few little known, but great books from this page. I have also been rather selfish and haven’t posted anything there – will rectify it soon.

So I bought this book on Sunday and made the mistake of opening it on a Monday morning … I struggled to get through the day and then from 9 pm to 12 midnight, I happily completed the book :). Gripping, is a small word – its truly difficult to get away from it. Am sure the author Fiona Barter must be a great journalist, because if this is how she writes fiction, imagine her writing real articles.

The story unfolds in Thailand and meanders through it and ends in UK. Again, I was so engrossed that I realised rather late that this is a fiction book set in the UK and the protagonists are Brit … not Americans! The story is of two girls who take a vacation in Thailand and what happens to them. They suddenly stop communicating and the entire story unravels. There are too many surprises and its difficult to guess the culprit and it ends very realistically .. one of the perpetrators is never booked.

Its a fiction book so am not giving away anything more. Am buying all the other titles by Fiona Barter and starting them on a Saturday or Sunday going forward. 🙂


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