Rajbhog …. its a Mango !

Till ten days back, if anyone said “Rajbhog”, I only thought of the Bengali sweet by that name. Even now if you merely type Rajbhog Mangoes, Google comes up with recipes for the sweet. I saw a message from EatRightBasket, the online organic store based in Noida saying they have the “Rajbhog” Mangoes from Bihar last week. I was intrigued and ordered a small quantity. These were really sweet Mangoes with a very pleasant fragrance. They are bright orangish-yellow inside and their shape is distinctive.

Rajbhog Mango from Bihar
The inside

The more observant reader will notice a green “Langda” under my hand :). Yep, the Banarasi Langdas have arrived as well, so enjoy those too.

This Mango season has been good as we have managed to eat a few varieties of Mangoes and that too organic or chemical residue free, which is very important. Haven’t eaten the Malihabad Dussehri yet. Hopefully it will soon become available.

Do share names of different Mango varieties that you got to eat this season. Its truly the King of fruits.


3 thoughts on “Rajbhog …. its a Mango !”

  1. Some of the varieties of mangoes we enjoyed this season……… To start with Raspuri, followed with Badami, Mallika, Himayat (one of the sweetest mangoes that I have ever eaten), Banganapalli and last Neelam.

    • Wow. We dont get Raspuri, Badami and Neelam here. We did eat Himayat and its truly the sweetest of Mangoes that we have ever eaten. Will be ordering some Mallika now. I don’t like Banganapalli except in Hyderabad or Bangalore. 🙂


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