Postcards from Naldehra

Find the Club Mahindra property amidst the trees !

Walking down 800 metres from the resort took us 15 minutes and walking up took 25 minutes with several breaks to catch our breath … while a young school students just whizzed past and a couple of young men took a shortcut that was even steeper.

The fire station is just 200 metres from the Club Mahindra resort

How will these fire engines reach the spot quickly enough ? Maybe these guys are super drivers and know every nook and cranny of this place.

A post bank !

Post offices are changing and not just getting swankier but also help banking.

The local Government Senior Secondary school

Don’t miss the solar powered street lamps and there is a basket ball court even in this school.

A massive potato

I think this is the biggest potato that I have ever seen. Bought two of them at the local vegetable vendor.

Nature’s designs, not mine.

When I cut into one of the potatoes, I found this interesting design … no indication that nature was fooling us from the outside :).

Ripe red Tomatoes

They even had the vine still attached to them when I bought them. They tasted great too. No surprises hidden inside them.

Great looking Dhokla ?

Well, I struggled to get the Dhokla right today because I made the mistake of pouring the batter into a smaller vessel. This picture is my attempt at fooling Krishnan and Amma for a few minutes.

The reality as I cut into the Dhokla cake

It ended up as very tasty Dhokla upma rather than a Dhokla. Well, lessons learnt and no one went hungry !

#Naldehra #ClubMahindra

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