Forest Fire ?

We moved from Club Mahindra, Kandaghat to Club Mahindra, Naldehra today. More about the drive in a separate blog, but an hour back we looked out of our balcony at the beautiful landscape and caught a small fire on one of the hills that’s across the resort.

See if you can spot the tiny fire on the hill. This is at 7.50 pm

We had some tea and the pakoras that we had ordered. Then as we looked out ten minutes later the fire had become a longer streak.

This is 10 minutes later at 8.02 pm

The landscape is surreal and stunning, but this forest fire or a fire started purposefully is getting all our attention. I took yet another picture 10 minutes later and it had become even larger…

This is at 8.12 pm

By about 8.30 pm breaks started appearing in what was a continuous streak of fire. The phone camera is not able to capture a good picture as its pitch dark outside. I just get a red jagged line. So hopefully this was not a chance fire but something that was set off with caution and intention. Just hoping that we didn’t lose lots of trees to this fire.


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