A Split Ahuja No. 1 and a mini-Gurgaon in Solan !!

We were losing a few days on our Club Mahindra membership points so we decided to take a holiday in the hills during May. As luck would have it, the general elections were on May 12th and we couldn’t miss doing our democratic duty. So I rescheduled our holiday to June and only managed to get the booking from 17th of June. The super hot summer of Delhi wasn’t missed by us and we contributed our bit to damaging the environment by using the air-conditioners for several hours :(.

Then we saw the traffic jams in the hill stations and were concerned whether we will also be stuck in them. We did get delayed a bit yesterday because of traffic jams but it wasn’t 21 hours like in Manali.

We started yesterday at 6.20 am. Reached our permanent breakfast stop at Murthal and stopped at the first half of the split Ahuja No. 1. When we went to visit Medha’s intervention at a college in Karnal along with Sanjay in Jan this year, we had stopped here and the split between the brothers had happened just then. They just put up a wall between them and removed the Shiv Murthi. The large Osho poster also went to the second half.  Anyway the all important parathas were good then and they were even better this time. The Dal Makhni was truly outstanding and even I enjoyed it … am usually an achar-dahi person for parathas.

We left from Murthal and stopped at the Verka milk parlour just after Ambala and a few kilometres from there started our climb towards Kandaghat. The first traffic jam we faced was as soon as we turned from Zirakpur towards Shimla. Google maps came to the rescue by diverting us through some lanes and we got onto NH5 again. The only thing that showed no change was the temperature reading on the dash … it hovered around 38 to 40 Deg C.

We soon reached the toll at Parwanoo that proclaimed we are entering “Dev Bhoomi” Himachal. After Delhi NCR, the only place where I feel at home is Himachal. Krishnan and I just love this state and hopefully we get to settle down somewhere here. A few drops of rain splattered down but didn’t do anything much to the temperature reading. The winding hill road started and slowly the Maggi stops and HPMC Juice bars started showing up.

The line of vehicles coming and going

Around 1 pm we neared Solan and were heartbroken to see a mini Gurgaon ! The entire hillside had houses and flats and villas :(.

Solan city … almost a replica of Gurgaon just on a hill. 🙁

There is also roadworks happening just after Solan and we had a long queue of vehicles in a jam. This jam lasted nearly 20 minutes and as it cleared a bit in a small stretch, a Delhi moronic driver cut me off by overtaking from the left. There was a family travelling in the Innova but I guess this guy thought he was too cool and driving on the roads of Delhi. I did get an opportunity to overtake him later as I made the (lucky) smarter choice of the lane that moved faster :):).

The Delhi Innova that cut me off wrongly 🙁

We finally reached the Club Mahindra resort at Kandaghat at 3 pm. It is a stunning property with beautiful views. It started to rain as soon as reached our room so we had to get the resort’s van to transport our luggage to the room. We just got the essentials as it was pouring and even with an umbrella we got wet. Ate the dosas that Amma had made the day before for lunch and just slept.

The view from our room

The curtains were not fully closed and there was a lot of light coming into the room. So I got up to close the curtains and was rewarded with this double rainbow !

Double rainbow after the rain

We woke up at around 8.30 pm … we were really tired because we had stayed up the night before to watch the India- Pakistan match :).

This is not really a holiday as we continue to work from here … this is just working from a beautiful place and using the free time to catch up on our reading and my blogging. So more to come !!

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