Summer Fruits

The only thing I like summers for is Mangoes …. the King of fruits. This summer we got amazing Himayat (aka Imam Pasand), Banganapalli, Alphonso and Dussehri so far. Ofcourse all chemical residue free or organic from EatRightBasket or Farmer Uncle. The Imam Pasand from EatRightBasket was mouth watering – utterly sweet and very addictive ! Alas, the season is gone so we have to wait a whole year to enjoy it again.

Besides the standard fare of Water Melons and Musk Melons, we have managed to eat Litchis from Muzaffarpur. Got them from EatRightBasket and am so glad that we discovered these guys. The Litchis are the best we have eaten so far !


The great thing is there is no black coloured powdery stuff at the point where the stem is connected to the fruit. Usually the seed will have some black residue but these Litchis can be popped into your mouth and you can just spit out the seed. We ordered the last lot yesterday as their season is also drawing to a close.

Yesterday I also ordered fresh Apricots – we are eating them for the first time ever. Have eaten a lot of peaches but never fresh apricots. Again, we ordered them on EatRightBasket and they are juicy and super tasty ! Its like the dried Apricots that we got from Turkey in 2010. We are unable to eat any other dried Apricot since that time. They were huge even when dried and still very juicy. These Apricots are much smaller in size but very tasty. These have a very short season, so if anyone wants to eat them please order right away.

Fresh Apricots

We miss the “Nungu” or Ice Apple that we get down south. Haven’t seen them in Delhi ever. With Raw Pressery supplying SugarCane juice, atleast we aren’t missing that from Pune.

I am wondering if there is a way to get the Mangoes without the summer heat … I know the hotter it is the sweeter the Mangoes but its so hard on human beings especially ones like me who don’t like the hot weather !

Anyway, enjoying the summer fruits and trying to keep cool. Dreaming of Langra, Chaunsa, Kesar, Dussehri….. Malgoa and dad’s favourite Rumani. Mangoes ! what else 🙂

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