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Two days back I was clearing out the massive collection of pictures on my cellphone. There were quite a few “Good Morning” messages from 2016 and 2017 that had come over WhatsApp and the setting at that time was to save all the pictures and videos to my phone. While clearing all the pictures I found a few really good ones with amazing messages. One of them is posted below –


The above picture explains perspective taking in the most simple way possible ! Its not just empathy but going way beyond that. Perspective taking is actually looking at a given situation from the other person’s point of view and arguing on their side !! Its truly walking in their shoes, shoes that may be tight or loose fitting.

I am actually reminded of Ramakrishna Paramahansa, the great mystic of Kolkata. For him “Kali” Ma was a living goddess, but he also lived like a Christian and a Muslim. He followed all their practices and rituals as though he was a true Christian and a true Muslim. It was a great example of “Perspective Taking” again. Interestingly no one before or after him has done it especially with religion and in today’s crazy world that might be the solution. It helped Ramakrishna Paramahansa to conclude that the Universe is a manifestation of the divine mother and it just might help many of the fundamentalists to review their own positions.

On a lighter note, if only Mamata Banerjee takes a deep breath and tries perspective taking ? Actually any of the politicians holding an extreme view would benefit from this exercise. I know its an utopian thought, but why not send out a good thought into the universe, it may just happen :).

Do hold this picture in your mind as you form strong opinions and take sides on any issue – just because you are right doesn’t mean the other person has to be wrong. He/She could be looking at 9 while you are looking at a six.

Good Night folks.

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