Book Review #8/50 – Beloved Enemy

Finally I have read the 5th book in the Jack McClure series. I completed this one almost two weeks back but didn’t get down to writing a review. This book is the first one where Alli doesn’t make an appearance and the last connection to her late father, president Edward Carson, the Secretary of Homeland Security Denis Paull also gets killed. This book has Jack McClure as the prime suspect in Denis Paull’s murder. Totally far out and crazy but also believable as circumstances are such.

Annika makes a comeback and her secret(ed) husband also appears ! The Syrian finally is bumped off  but not before he leaves a trail of destruction behind. All the different sub stories and the rings inside the rings are revealed and the climax is a bit of a let down because the big secret that Annika’s grandfather was holding was a horde of gold and not only some vault with secrets.

The book is just as riveting as the other four and in a way, all the loose ends are tied off in this one. Annika and Jack are reunited and you alternate between believing Dadya was a saint trying to save the world or the worst kind of criminal who only cared for money. Caro (Alli’s cousin) plays a pivotal role in this one as does Jonatha, introduced as a brilliant analyst on CIA director Krofft’s team. The final chapter reveals most of the web that Dadya, Annika’s grandfather had woven and how he managed to bring Annika and Jack in the middle of it all.

Ofcourse this book is highly recommended, especially if you did start with the first book … you must read the whole series to truly enjoy the whole story.

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