Sun Stalking and Solar Power !

On Friday, Krishnan and I went and met my ISB Professor, Shamika Ravi at her office. We took an Uber as we weren’t sure if parking was available. For the first time the Uber taxi had cool interiors – legally allowed Sun control film and an AC that worked really well. I am always uncomfortable in an Uber, especially in summers because the AC’s don’t work well and most Uber taxis have little to no Sun control film on their windows.

My happiness was short-lived as the taxi had a puncture near Shankar Chowk and we had to get into another Uber taxi. It just re-inforced my long-held belief that Surya (the Sun God) is stalking me. It doesn’t matter which side I sit on in any car – if Surya is out, he will turn his smiling face on me. My right arm has distinct dark and somewhat fair portions. Every time I go to get my arms waxed, the lady would comment about it. Even if I exchange seats or stay on the same side hoping that the Sun would have moved around to the other side – no difference ! Anyway, the point is Surya seems to have a crush on me and I don’t like it but I have no option but to grin and bear it.

Just see the collage below –

Don’t miss Krishnan smiling, cool as a cucumber πŸ™‚

The heat this summer (like all summers before) has been unbearable ! Yesterday we went to our CA’s office and while returning, the temperature gauge showed “47” degrees and the steering wheel inspite of being covered with a thick white cloth was still too hot to touch in certain places.

What I like about the Modi government is the fact that they have smartly tried to harness this Solar power. Starting with the Solar alliance and going all the way to creating the world’s largest solar park, they have truly worked in this space.

Mr. Modi getting the UN award

For all those sneering about Mr. Modi getting a UN award for his efforts in the environment space, please read the following –

While we were driving back from Pune, about 100 odd kilometres after Aurangabad, we saw this in the valley below –

We took pictures thinking it was a water body till we got closer to it as we came down the hill … its a massive solar farm ! Everywhere we travel now, we see these solar panels harnessing solar power. Infact I am hoping someone can come up with window panes that are made up of these solar panels so that the heat doesn’t come inside the house and the solar power can be harnessed.

I like solar power but certainly don’t appreciate Surya stalking me …. ideas to keep myself away from his strong rays are welcome.

Today seems to be yet another scorcher and we have to go out for a meeting :(.

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    • No worries – I do the same with other blogs and posts 🀣🀣. I keep noticing the saree. This is a beautiful Moirangphee that I recently bought. I keep wearing it because it’s so beautiful.


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