The first “Utkal Lakshmi” saree

For Krishnan’s birthday, he bought a gadget for himself but I wore a new saree :), each of us gifting ourselves what we love. This saree was bought from my favourite online store – Kalpavastram. Lakshmi had posted these sarees a couple of times earlier and I missed buying them every time. This time too, the one she posted got sold within seconds, not minutes but luckily she had another piece with a slightly different color combination and I bought it immediately.

About Utkal Lakshmi Sarees – Its a handwoven, exquisite sambalpuri saree with irate flower motifs in multicolour. The border has the rudraksha motif. Orissa and West Bengal have such a rich weaving tradition ! Utkal is another name for Odisha/Orissa and Lakshmi is obviously a reference to Goddess Lakshmi who is synonymous with women.

The colours just take your breath away and you are left wondering if this can be handmade when you realise that some expert weaver sitting in some remote corner of our great country has woven this ! He/she doesn’t use a computer and is still able to get the motifs right and the colours mixed just right. Thats why weaving is an art.

Amazing colours, right? The neckpiece is another all time favourite from Desh Maheshwari, Noida. Its a string of multi-coloured semi-precious stone beads that almost sparkle.

Totally in love with this saree.

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