Celebrating the NaMo victory !

As news started trickling in on May 23rd of yet another Modi wave, we made preparations for our celebration. We were sure that BJP and Mr. Modi will win a comfortable majority so we started the day with tea in a saffron cup 🙂

Breakfast was millet khichadi, followed by OPOS Biriyani for lunch. Then as Smriti Irani and Sadhvi Pragya won plus BJP swept several states, we ordered jalebi, paani puri and samosa in the evening.

When Usha called me from the US to ask if we had ordered jalebis, I sent the above pic to her. She felt the jalebis were a pale saffron so I made the evening tea and served it in bright orange cups –

And when we went over to Rajesh’s place for dinner, we ordered Chaudhary Gohana Jalebi (they are the fat jalebis like we get at Chandi Chowk) so we could celebrate with everyone.

Finally in celebration of tomorrow’s swearing in we ordered one Gohana Jalebi in the evening… maybe this is “Jaleba”. Its just outstanding in taste, not very sweet and made in ghee but huge.

We have just managed to eat one outer swirl between Amma, Krishnan and I. The rest is still there to be eaten tomorrow as we watch Modiji take oath.

We certainly hope that the next five years will be even more exciting than the last five years and India will move forward in every positive parameter under Modiji’s leadership. May God bless him with good health and even more strength to navigate the treacherous waters and remain focussed on our country’s welfare. History will remember him as the man who put India on a firm footing and brought back the pride in our culture and ancient heritage even as we modernise and keep in step with progress.

For some reason, am humming Gandhiji’s favourite poem/song – “Vaishnava jana to”…. have tried to translate below, its not a literal translation but what the verse stands for. The poet is Narsingh Mehta

वैष्णव जन तो तेने कहिये जे पीड पराई जाणे रे,
पर दु:खे उपकार करे तोये मन अभिमान न आणे रे ॥

A good human being is – He who knows the pain of others and helps the in misery without a sense of pride.

सकल लोकमां सहुने वंदे निंदा न करे केनी रे,
वाच काछ मन निश्चल राखे धन धन जननी तेनी रे ॥

He who treats all people as his own and doesn’t deride anyone, stays good/pure in thought and action, he is blessed.

समदृष्टि ने तृष्णा त्यागी, परस्त्री जेने मात रे,
जिह्वा थकी असत्य न बोले, परधन नव झाले हाथ रे ॥

He who treats everyone equally, thinks of “other” women as his mother and who refuses to speak untruth or steal another’s wealth

मोह माया व्यापे नहि जेने, दृढ़ वैराग्य जेना मनमां रे,
रामनाम शुं ताली रे लागी, सकल तीरथ तेना तनमां रे ॥

He who is not attached to worldly things, has strong perseverance, focuses on God and is able to see all the spiritual places in his heart

वणलोभी ने कपटरहित छे, काम क्रोध निवार्या रे,
भणे नरसैयॊ तेनु दरसन करतां, कुल एकोतेर तार्या रे ॥

He who has no greed, has given up lust and anger, Narsi would like to see such a man for he will bring enlightenment to the whole community. 

In many ways this poem reflects on how someone should live and conduct his life. If you are drawing parallels with a certain Mr. Modi, so am I.

Jai Hind.


2 thoughts on “Celebrating the NaMo victory !”

  1. Motto bring a dampener in your joy or celebrations.
    I could only see the plastic waste in the food you had ordered. 😓
    TN has done well by banning plastic. It was like a breath of fresh air when I got to experience this when I was there.

    Jai Bhaarat Maata!

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    • Swapna it was a dampener for us as well. A lot of delivery folk have shifted to paper and other bio-degradable containers but not all. Unfortunately we didn’t want to move out of the house that day so ended up ordering.


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