The Ethos of India

As the election results come in and its obvious now even to the worst detractors of Mr. Modi that he is not only back as the Prime Minister but he has created a history of sorts by ensuring that there is a pro-incumbency wave rather than the more popular anti-incumbency wave in India.

The celebrations at home will begin once the results are officially announced and I wanted to get this blog out before that.

All through the election campaign many things were said about Mr. Modi as always – the abuse just got sharper and more personal as each phase of election went by. Then just before the last phase,  ModiJi visited Kedarnath and spent a day meditating in a cave there. The memes that got made about these two days were particularly disgusting. All those who mocked Mr. Modi wearing saffron robes and meditating in a cave, must remember that they were mocking the very ethos of India…

Hinduism is the ethos of India and anyone trying to change that ethos is doing a disservice to the nation. Our Kings and Queens have been yogis and have been advised by yogis. Remember Raja Janak was called a Raja Rishi, Maharaja Kaushik became Brahmarishi Vishwamitra and more recently Chakravarthy Ashoka became a Buddhist monk and still remained a Chakravarthy. The reason India doesn’t need secularism is because Hinduism is not a religion, never will be. It doesn’t interfere with the state, it only helps rulers be more inclusive and compassionate. Most importantly, Hinduism has never asked a scientist to change his findings to suit a scripture because science is accepted and new discoveries are welcomed. The universe is divine and everything in it is divine so there is no divide and no one’s God is bigger or smaller !

What the mockers of Mr. Modi don’t get is this – starting from the Islamic invaders to the British, everyone tried to kill this Hindu ethos of India, but couldn’t. So when the Prime Minister who hasn’t taken a day off in the last 17 years takes a day off to meditate, most Indians resonate with that. Mocking that is mocking them.

In all the pictures of Mr. Modi, I like the following one the most – it captures the essence of the man, this is the real Mr. Modi. And please dont try and tell me that he is an actor and that he was posing for the photographer ! Yes, several photographers were around, after all he is the Prime Minister of the country and someone clicked this at the right moment, but that moment is not fake. Why don’t we have a single picture of Mr. Modi winking, like Rahul Gandhi ? or any video of his getting a b$#* job in his office, like a Mr. Singhvi ? He has been in the public limelight for 17 years if not longer …. and with everyone out to get him. Not everyone could have been paid off.

I am thrilled to see Mr. Modi back as the Prime Minister and I wish him all success. India is changing for the better under his leadership and may the yogi in him help him to put us firmly on the path to glory.

Jai Hind.

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  1. Spot on, Bindu. Sitting here in the UK for the past 5 months, I am seeing the electronic western media crying itself hoarse over how the minorities are dreading BJP’s victory. And about how cow vigilantes are getting a free hand in murdering Muslims and even Dalits!

    I am yet to see a more biased media than these folks in BBC and CNN.


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