What is so special about ShikshaDaan?

Bindu and I set up ShikshaDaan Foundation in the year 2012. The next three years sort of went away as we got to get various registrations, approvals and exemptions from the Government. Also, we wanted to study the higher education space in detail and come up with a unique value delivery model that truly delivers value to our core target segment – students pursuing higher education. So in the year 2015, after Bindu had quit her job, we decided to go on our ShikshaDaan Yatra, driving across India, to meet the stakeholders in education. This is what led us to come up with the ShikshaDaan Value Delivery Model sometime back that we continue to present to anyone and everyone who asks this question, ‘What is so special about ShikshaDaan?’. While there are several points to highlight that are special about ShikshaDaan, the most unique one is the value delivery model that we have come up with.

Sharing with you the write up about the value delivery model that Bindu has written on our website’s ‘About Us’ page. Happy to receive your feedback….

Here is the link…





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