You are also right !

There is a famous Sufi story that goes like this – Two men had a massive argument and went to a Sufi judge to settle the dispute. The first gentleman spoke eloquently and persuasively. The judge nodded his approval and said: “You are right!”. The other gentleman immediately jumped up and said, “Wait a minute, you haven’t heard my side of the story!”. The judge asked him to make his case which he did, and he also spoke eloquently and persuasively. The judge nodded his approval and said: “You are right!”. When the court clerk heard this he jumped up and said “Judge! both can’t be right!” to which the judge replied, “You are also right!”.

Both sides to an argument could be right and two seemingly opposite things can be true for an individual.

That Mr. Manmohan Singh, our ex-PM is a brilliant economist is also right, that he is subservient to the CONgress’ first FAMILY is also right. That Nehru was a statesman is also right, that he was a philanderer is also right. That Indira Gandhi liberated Bangladesh is also right, that she imposed Emergency is also right. That Rajiv Gandhi was a reluctant politician is also right, that he was cavalier about things he was ignorant about is also right (e.g sending IPKF into Sri Lanka). That Wg Cdr Shahzaz Ud Din was a patriot is right, that Wg Cdr Abhinandan is a patriot is also right. That Kamal Hassan is the greatest actor alive is right, that he is a rabid anti-Hindu communist is also right. That Mamata Banerjee lived most of her life in a hut is right, that she as gone mad as Malda was finished off during demonetisation is also right.

That Bhagat Singh was a patriot is right, that he killed John Saunders is also right. That Subhas Chandra Bose won every Congress election is right, that he was forced to step down is also right. That Sardar Patel united India is right, that he was asked not to be the first PM is also right. That Kamaraj was uneducated (read un-schooled) is right, that he brought about the mid-day meal scheme which ensured dropouts were rare is also right. That Jayalalitha was amongst the smartest is right, that she was a megalomaniac is also right. That Subramaniam Swamy is brilliant is right, that he is eccentric is also right.

…. Nathuram Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi is a fact, that he was a patriot is also a fact !! No glorification of his act of killing an enduring icon and the Father of our Nation, but equally irrefutable is the fact that he was a patriot.

Why is that wrong ? and why is stating that wrong ?


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  1. But Malu, I do not know really whether all the wrongs are right or all the rights are wrong. Oh Almighty, Please enlighten me.


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