This Day, That Year

Today is Krishnan’s birthday and we celebrated it with his favourite food and of course ice cream. He has stayed away from ice cream for almost six months now so a little indulgence is just fine. Mr. Modi made his day even more special by sending him birthday wishes on email …. and made me jealous because I didn’t get his wishes this year on my birthday :):).

Five years back on this day, we were looking out at the beautiful Nanda Devi and the stunning Himalayan range from a resort at Gagar called “Soulitude”. We had no television in the room so after breakfast we quickly gathered in the room upstairs that had a television to watch Mr. Modi win the general elections with a massive margin. The same Mr. Modi who sent email greetings to Krishnan today ! Do read – Special birthday.

This year we canceled our vacation in order to vote. On May 12th when Haryana and Delhi went to polls, Krishnan and I went to the Shriram School which is our polling station and voted. We went early in the morning and were done in about 20 minutes. We waited for ten minutes as the polling station was being setup. The VVPAT is a great improvement, as we can verify that the EVM has captured our vote correctly.

We got indelibly inked !

Interestingly, as we were walking towards the polling booth, there were two stalls outside – a BJP and a CONgress stall. If the crowds are any indication of the mood of the nation, then BJP has won already !!

The CONgress stall
The buzzing BJP stall

I so wish that all this translates to a massive victory for ModiJi. As we saw today on the news channels, all that the opposition parties have to offer is foul language and several Prime Ministerial aspirants. Fascinating to see how RaGa is thrown under the bus time and again … Chidu, the man who benefitted the most by being the finance minister and the home minister suddenly says, its ok to accept a non-CONgress person as the PM as long as the opposition parties come together. Wow ! They have already given up.

I am truly concerned about one human being in this election – Mamata Bannerjee. While some of the readers might object to my calling her human, the fact is that she is in the human form and hence will be classified under this species. My concern is her political annihilation and what it will do to her… the violence unleashed in Bengal is shameful and deeply disturbing. The abuses are disgusting. She has mentally come unhinged and needs counselling and treatment.

Am thrilled to see the vile Mr. Aiyar  back in action and spouting his special brand of “bull@#$%”. He is like the Groundhog that predicts weather in Canada and some cities of the US. While Punxsutawney Phil decides whether winter will prolong for six more weeks or spring will come sooner, obnoxious Mr. Aiyar, with his sneering abuses ensures Mr. Modi’s victory and a forever-Saharan-winter for his party, the CONgress. I humbly ask for forgiveness from Punxsutawney Phil for having compared him to this vile and horrible specimen of the human species.

…. Waiting for May 23rd and the good news that we all voted wisely.

A very happy birthday to my sweetheart once again !


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