Why Modi is not good for India

I have been a vocal supporter of Mr. Modi but I did want to try and look at him from the opposition’s point of view. I go looking and suddenly there is so much of info about things that he doesn’t do well and why he isn’t the ONE !!

The first tweet is from Rishi Bagree –

40 Lakh fake voters ??? Nearly 70+ countries in the world have population lesser than that !! The 5 Crore fake ration cards were feeding and funding the fat cows just as the 3 crore fake LPG connections and the fake MNREGA cards were. What a lovely system of siphoning off funds and this man comes along and exposes it all. No wonder he is not right for India.

Now see the following two tweets –

So just two schemes amongst the many that Mr. Modi launched – Ayushman Bharat and the Janoushadi Kendras have changed the way medical help is availed by the poor. What a terrible thing to do ! Who will we use as examples to give out doles and show sympathy for and what about our conversion targets ?? If a tribal can get treated at a good hospital under Ayushman Bharat, the paracetamol tablet that brought him to Jesus will no longer be attractive !! And this cursed man also made the paracetamol tablet almost free – how can he be good for the pharma business and all the allied industries ?

Not only does he launch these harebrained schemes but he also plays to the gallery by washing the feet of sanitation workers ! What? Who does that? These workers were cleaning the Kumbh mela grounds and they managed to deliver a “swachh” Kumbh for 22 crore devotees. He could have just given them some money on the side but no, he washes their feet and the TV cameras are glued to every move of his. Very unfair. What will the Western world think? The PRIME MINISTER washing the feet of ordinary workers who aren’t white and may not be Romila Thapar’s missing Aryans either :(. The image of India just took a big hit.

There is one more reason why Modi is not right for India. Nothing gets named after Nehru ji, Indira Ji, Feroze Ji, Sanjay Ji, Rajiv Ji, Rahul Ji, Priyanka Ji, Robert Ji, Gandhi Ji, Aurangzeb Ji, Khilji Ji, Azhar Ji, Naik Ji etc. See these people have contributed so much to build our country – even the British acknowledged their fluency with English and Nehru Ji has admitted to being the last Englishman in India. There is just no respect for them ! See what we did –


How cool right ! Thats the way to leave a legacy. Name everything after yourself. But Modi names everything as “PM” Yojana, who will remember him if he does that? He just doesn’t get it. How will the Western world know our leaders if we don’t name scams after them ?

More recently I saw this tweet from our Railways Minister, Mr. Piyush Goyal –

Now tell me, why did Modi do this? Why did we beat China? Remember they beat us in 1962 and we decided then that we will always remain behind them. This man comes around and does these things besides going to China and addressing the Indian diaspora there ! He refuses to join their belt road project, and doesn’t take their money … how will this work? China is the new Big Brother and he tries to show them up. Just not done. He is not right for India. See how the Doklam issue got sorted out? We would have ceded the territory to them like Aksai Chin. And we just cannot understand Modi’s obsession with the North Eastern states. After all Nehru Ji wanted to gift them to China but Modi develops them :(:(. Just not done. Why build that Bogibheel Bridge? It was making good money every time the covers were dusted, now all gone.

Btw a new numbers tweet surfaced a couple of weeks back –

Look at the last number – 120.88 Lakh Metric Tonnes of Urea were being siphoned off. This man comes around and coats them with Neem, that bloody germicidal tree that grows in India and keeps our teeth and stomach healthy. There was a nifty profit in adulterating milk with Urea but all that is GONE. The Neem coated Urea just doesn’t work, except as fertiliser for crops.

Ok am tired, I tried arguing the case for the motley opposition but every argument of mine convinced me further that I should only vote for Mr. Modi. Hopefully they convinced you as well to vote for him.

Jai Hind.

#VoteWisely #PhirEkBaarModiSarkar #IssBaar400Paar


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