A good day that dipped and then got better !

In the morning today, I called the AMEX call centre as I wanted to convert one of my charges into EMI’s. I got to speak to Raman and just like every colleague of his that I have spoken to before, he just made me smile at the end of the call. He gave me the EMI options, explained the interest rates and even gave me the option of starting the EMI’s a full month later and finally closed the call by thanking me for being an AMEX customer for all these years. No pushing any product, no useless platitudes, just “awesome” customer service. He got the basics right – listen to the customer’s issue, resolve and thank them for their business. Even if many shopping establishments in India refuse to take the AMEX card, I will keep their card, just to lift my mood with their customer service.

The day did get off to a great start. Then in the afternoon came the news of the IED attack on policemen by Maoists at Gadchiroli, Maharashtra. We lost 15 bravehearts to cowards who have no agenda except to resort to violence and try and impose their failed communist agenda on India. They have no vision for growth and almost all of them are exploiting the tribals and villagers whose rights  they are purportedly upholding. With Chhattisgarh voting for a CONgress government, the naxals now have their old base again. Hopefully the central government will continue their clean-up act and these Maoists are sent to Mao’s resting place for a meeting with him !

As we were about to retire for the day, the news item popped up that Masood Azhar has been declared a “global terrorist” by the UNSC. Oh thank you ! While the UN has become increasingly irrelevant, the very fact that China, which was vetoing every effort to declare this monster as a global terrorist and his organization Jaish-e-Mohammed as a terror outfit has finally given in and India has had a diplomatic coup. My intuition says, this monster was killed in the Air strikes at Balakot, that happened on Feb 25th and so China doesn’t lose anything by declaring him a terrorist. Its a loss of face for Pakistan as they tried to mainstream him by letting him fight elections (!!!) but they really have no face to lose.

I do feel sorry for the opposition parties and the Paki sympathisers within India (read CONgress, some film personalities, a certain media couple etc etc). Mr. Modi seems to be having a Midas touch – all that he touches turns to gold, while all the muck they try to throw his way just doesn’t stick. Wonder why? Not everything is because of PR or smart marketing – the guy has done some awesome work. Vote him back to power. We need him to weed out all these anti-nationals, urban naxals and terror sympathisers, so that India can grow as it should. All those who vehemently oppose him do read this article by Hindol Sengupta – Understanding coercive diplomacy in India and remember that Mr. Modi was the first to talk of “Multi Aligned”. Chachaji and his family kept India non-aligned and we suffered. Its a new world out there and a MODIfied India…

Jai Hind.

#VoteWisely #PhirEkBaarModiSarkar

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