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Krishnan’s favourite fruit is grapes. Thats the only fruit he will eat, everything else has to be juiced. When we were in the UK and then Germany for our vacation last year, he managed to eat some grapes because there was no pesticide sprayed on them ! But we never ate them in India. I have bought grapes everywhere – Chennai, Ooty, Hyderabad and Delhi. For the past 7 to 8 years since we have started to focus on fruits a lot more, we have given up on eating grapes because almost every single time either Krishnan has thrown up or I have or Amma has. In 2015 we were in Ooty and I bought the “paneer” grapes, tiny red ones and juiced them. The minute I took a sip I felt a chemical taste, but I just drank it thinking this variety of grapes probably smelt that way … but no, within minutes, I threw up. Then it happened when we bought black grapes in Delhi.

Thats when I started reading online and understood from many friends who were savvier about this that grapes are the most pesticide laden fruit – these pesticides are oil based so they won’t be washed off with just water. The only way to get them off is to soak them in soap solution and then rinse them clean, wasting water and losing the taste anyway.

Then I discovered “Farmer Uncle”, an online organic fruit store based in Gurgaon. I started ordering some fruits from them and found the quality to be outstanding. When they posted about grapes without chemical residue being available I immediately ordered a 2Kg box. Ohh, they tasted wonderful. We then ordered the black grapes and just got hooked.

The green and black seedless grapes from Farmer Uncle

We just wash them in water and eat them. They taste just like grapes used to taste before all this pesticides were used. I remember dad’s friend would get us the tiny green seedless grapes from Pune when we lived in Dehu Road and I will stop eating food for the next few days. I love the green grapes and can eat them anytime.

We have stopped buying fruits anywhere else and just order from Farmer Uncle. Much later I was thrilled to discover that Saazid who is the founder of Farmer Uncle happens to be my ex-colleague Payal’s brother ! They deliver in Delhi NCR and Bangalore as of now but I hope they start doing it all over the country soon. We have bought Pomegranates, Sweet Limes, Kinnows, Pineapples and Mangoes from them besides loads of grapes. Would highly recommend them if you are in either of these cities – the quality of their fruits is outstanding and their pricing is reasonable.

While organic/residue free fruits got sorted with Farmer Uncle, vegetables were still a sore point. The shop inside our condominium has good stock but the vegetables were not organic. Chavi told me about Tall Tree and I ordered from them a couple of times. Great produce, just a bit expensive. I juiced the beetroots that we got from them and a kilo of beetroots gave us almost 900 ml of juice with no waste almost !! Ofcourse Mom and I kept eating some of the pieces while juicing as they tasted really good. Tall Tree delivers within Delhi NCR and their produce is really good.

Last night while browsing FB I came across this advert from Eat Right Basket and liked what they had to say. I ordered some vegetables from them and it got delivered today. The stuff looks great and is organic, certified by the government. They are promoting reasonably priced organic vegetables and fruits so more people buy. They are based out of Noida. Do check them out as well.

I am so glad that we in India, are waking up to the harmful effects of pesticides and chemical fertilisers. I hope we soon go back to our traditional methods of organic farming and not expose the successive generations to GMO crops or pesticide laden fruits. Apparently over farming and massive use of chemical fertilisers, GMO seeds has taken a toll on the soil in Punjab, the bread basket of India. There are some villages in Karnataka that have turned to organic farming because cancer was spreading amongst the population in a big way. Turning organic has stopped the spread of cancer. I am no scientist, but the number of people afflicted with cancer seems to be rising rapidly in India. Am sure there are correlation studies done with the use of pesticides, GMO foods, chemical fertilisers, pollution etc and the rise in cancer. Guess there are innovations that are needed in the organic space, like  hydroponics, so that production can keep up with the growing demand.

Eat healthy. Stay healthy…. do try and stick to organic food. In the long run, your health will improve and the Earth will be happy.



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