Missing Mr. Aiyar !

I never thought I will say this, but I really miss Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar !! He made the 2014 elections so easy for Mr. Modi with that one super comment delivered with that permanent sneer on his face – “he can serve tea at the CONgress session, but can never be Prime Minister”. How wonderful. Infact my blog address reached thousands of people with that one blog on him – A letter to Mr. Aiyar. I made many friends and many people hated me but well, I got loads of readership and I never thanked Mr. Aiyar for that. My bad.

Anyway, this election he is nowhere to be seen. Of course there are several people who are trying to step into his shoes but the vacuum is too big to fill …. Some of the wannabes are Dr. Shashi Tharoor, the CONgress President himself, the Pakistani with an Indian passport Navjot Singh Sidhu, the fresh new CONtalent and their enemy within “Shatru”ghan Sinha and by a wide margin the much healthier AK49 the yugpurush of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal. I wonder which one of these folks will deliver 2019 to Mr. Modi. Its quite a credit to Mr. Aiyar that so many people are trying to fill the vacuum that he has left behind. He did try to help Mr. Modi this time as well by going to Pakistan and appealing to their nobler motives, but that didn’t work out the way he envisaged. Then he just dropped out of sight – got suspended and remained in suspended animation. Hope all is well with him and he is fit and fine to deliver the 2024 elections to Mr. Modi.

That said, lets look at some of the well-intentioned attempts by these wannabes –

  1. Dr. Shashi Tharoor – says if Modi were to continue, we will become a “Hindu” Pakistan, then he feels its “Hindu” Taliban. The best comment was of course about how good Hindus will not want the Ram Mandir to be built at Ayodhya and all those who want to build the Ram Mandir are “bad” Hindus. Sure, Mr. Tharoor all Hindus will get your certificate henceforth about their being good or bad. He then went on to mock Mr. Modi’s North Eastern headgear calling it “outlandish” – yep, from the first Prime Minister to his great grandson and your current dodo leader, all thought of North Eastern states as “outlandish”, so keep up the tradition Dr. Tharoor!! His classiest comment that may cost his party the 2019 election – “Modi is like a scorpion sitting on a Shivling. You cannot remove him with your hand, you cannot hit it with a chappal”. I feel he isn’t done yet – waiting for the next gem from this great man (pun intended of course) once he recovers from his fall … wonder why I can’t get this childhood rhyme out of my head – “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall..” hmmm
  2. My dear CONgress President – first and foremost, I want to thank RaGa’s contribution in keeping me healthy by providing me and millions of Indians their daily dose of laughter. He certainly is good for everyone’s health except the nation’s health. He continuously has his feet in his mouth but he has now started borrowing feet and stuffing them inside his mouth … poor man, so much effort to keep us all entertained. I am having difficulty in choosing from his many gaffes – Coca Cola being reduced to a Shikanji or the famous machine where you put Aloo on one side and get gold on the other or McDonald’s was a “dhaba” comment or Modiji handed over Rs. 30,000/- crores to Anil Ambani or the mega blockbuster “ANYAY” scheme to give Rs. 72000 crores per family every year – I was laughing so hard when I heard that one, that I was about to fall off my 12th floor flat but thank God the crazy moment passed me by and I am alive to write about it and enjoy it once again…  Anyway, can’t let go of a lying-through-his-teeth-cartoon without posting a true cartoon –

    Taken from the internet, source unknown
  3. Paki with an Indian passport, Navjot Singh Sindhu …. I don’t like this man. He uses the same statements that he used for Mr. Modi when he was in BJP, for the CONgress President now, cozies up with Imran Khan and General Bajwa, chief of the Pakistani army, says no one can be blamed for the Pulwama attack – either something has gone wrong or this man is just vile and all the garbage is now coming out. He is anyway irrelevant.
  4. Fresh new CONtalent Shatrughan Sinha – this sweet man has probably delivered 2019 to Mr. Modi … first he tried his level best to be thrown out of BJP so that he could get some limelight but the MODIfied BJP did not oblige ! Then he joins the CONgress and to prove his bootlicking abilities he says “from Mahatma Gandhi to Mohammed Ali Jinnah, all are part of the CONgress family”. True statement but Jinnah is not exactly a hero for Indians. Thanks buddy for not staying “khamosh” :):).
  5. Yugpurush and a “healthier” AK49 – Ah what can I say, the Delhi CM needs a separate blog. His obsession with Mr. Modi has waned a bit and am sure, it has contributed a few pounds to his growing girth. I do miss his daily rants and constant chanting of the “Modi” mantra and am sure Mr. Modi misses it too. The defamation cases broke his back and the apologies that he had to tender to Mr. Jaitley and Mr. Gadkari must have left a bitter taste in his already bitter mouth, so he has stayed low but he is a special variety of the human species – egoistic, vile and a traitor. He is begging CONgress for an alliance … the same CONgress that he swore on his children’s heads that he would never partner with. You can’t get baser than that. Another irrelevant politician but a very dangerous one.

The choice is clear – vote for Mr. Modi and if you do have doubts still keep these posters handy –

Taken from the internet, source unknown
An overdose of the “Family”


So, waiting for May 23rd to see Mr. Modi sweeping the polls and the NDA getting 400+ so that the vermin inside the country and the enemies outside can be taken care of besides India growing significantly on all parameters.

#VoteKar #VoteWisely #PhirEkBaarModiSarkar

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