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A few days back, Ms. Priyanka Chaturvedi, the very vocal CONgress spokesperson suddenly quit the CONgress and joined Shiv Sena, an ally of the BJP. She felt let down that some goons who had misbehaved with her and she had complained about it to the “Family” were brought back within 6 months of the incident when they had been banned for six years. Poor Ms. Chaturvedi realised rather late that for the CONgress “Family” leadership – party members don’t mean a thing and “lumpen goons” who can maybe get them some votes are more important. Anyway, when the news about Ms. Chaturvedi joining Shiv Sena came out, a friend of mine messaged me saying that he hoped to see me in the BJP shortly. I replied to him saying, that was not happening now or anytime in the future because I don’t like politics, and that I only was a fan of Mr. Modi.

That message made me realise that I have not been contributing my tiny bit to Mr. Modi’s re-election campaign and I have to make amends !! You can call me a “bhakt” or a fan or a BJP stooge but as India  elects the 17th Lok Sabha and its 15th Prime Minister, I have to do my bit to ensure Mr. Modi is re-elected and with a bigger mandate than in 2014. Its imperative that we vote him back because there is truly no alternative … I shudder to even take the names of those who could be alternatives. This poster from “Post Card” news is telling –

Taken from the internet and post card website

What is truly sad is that there is no credible opposition – all of them just want Modi to go away and one of them to be the PM, but why? Modi is as much a citizen of this country and has several accomplishments to his credit, and he is being ELECTED through a free and fair election process. So why the antagonism ? Their families are at a loss ! All alternative sources of income have dried up…. Mr. Modi’s popularity doesn’t seem to wane… and he is always ten steps ahead of them. This motley crowd of second and third generation “entitled” politicos don’t seem to get it through their thick hides and even thicker skull – India is MODIfied and India has changed. The youth don’t care about your nose looking like Indira Gandhi’s nose or 50 year olds being called “youth” leaders – they like things getting done and Mr. Modi does get things done.

Priyanka, a lady on Twitter has painstakingly collated all the different schemes that the Modi government has launched in these five years and I have made a collage of her tweets –

Its mind boggling that so many schemes have been launched and that several of these schemes have been implemented really well and have benefited millions. While each of the schemes is a blog by itself and expect to see them in the next few days, here are my top 3 reasons to vote for Mr. Modi –

  1. No family to loot money for.. after decades of a certain family “ruling” and “looting” us its a relief that this man comes with no “son” or “daughter” that he can hand over the country to or hoard money for.
  2. Even if some of his schemes and ideas are hare-brained and not effective – the intention is to benefit the country and the common man. All stories about him being divisive is pure humbug… none of his schemes discriminate on the basis of religion or caste or any other useless parameter. They do benefit the poor otherwise we wouldn’t be having the fastest rate of poverty reduction in the world ! Also I love the dashboards that his government puts out. You can go and verify each scheme and what it has delivered – that kind of transparency is what we need.
  3. He has made Indians proud of their heritage and culture – its fashionable now to keep a fast during navratras because my PM does it. Its ok to say that I am proud of being a Hindu because Hinduism is all inclusive and my PM flaunts his Hindu credentials… it had almost become a communal word. The World looks at India differently because we have started to look at ourselves differently.

I urge everyone to go out and definitely vote. Ofcourse vote for BJP because Mr. Modi has to be re-elected – he is the right leader for the future of our great nation and he has much more to do in order to put us on the path of exponential growth. Don’t be swayed by noses and haircuts resembling some family member who was a great leader and rehashed empty promises.

p.s – We postponed our vacation to June in order to vote on May 12th. Please vote and don’t give excuses like the Bangaloreans and get saddled with a ragtag government. 

#VoteKar #PhirEkBaarModiSarkar

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