Pollution – first hand experience

Every year, we get our air-conditioners serviced. We live in Delhi NCR, the most polluted city in the world or almost there ! We have to service our air-conditioners atleast thrice in a year. Every time the filter is removed and washed – the bathroom has residue of a tar like substance that has to be scrubbed clean. We never realised the difference till we went to Pune this March.

The air-conditioner at the Airbnb that we were staying at, required gas to be filled in as it wasn’t cooling. When Jaydeep called the service technician and he opened the filter to check if that was the problem, I expected the same situation as in Gurgaon – the bathroom having a residue of a tar like substance, but the filter was clean. The technician didn’t even wash it. Even more surprising was the AC had been serviced a year back which means the filter had been cleaned a year back ! It was in use regularly as there were other guests right through the year before us.

Thats when it hit home – we really live in a polluted city and I wonder what sort of impact it has on our health. My friend Kapil who lives in Pune jokingly said, you buy a place in Pune and shift here. Looks like we need to seriously contemplate on such a move because there are negative impacts on health from this terrible pollution.

While we were in Germany and the UK last year the air was lighter and we could walk everywhere, not take our afternoon nap and still feel fresh – of course part of it was due to the weather conditions there, it was much cooler, but a part of it was also due to far lesser pollution.

I just read this article on the health hazards due to Delhi’s pollution – https://www.timesnownews.com/health/article/delhi-air-pollution-how-particulate-matter-pm-and-air-pollutants-affect-your-health/309706 and its a scary article.

In deep contemplation on how to continue living in our favourite city and keep ourselves safe from pollution.


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