A true “Kalam”kari..

I have always been fascinated with Kalamkari sarees, but I didn’t know someone who could source a genuine pen (kalam) Kalamkari. I bought my first Kalamkari saree at the Hyderabad airport as we went for our Cambodia trip in 2014, but that was block printed. Then I got a screen printed one which I didn’t like much. Finally, my favourite online saree store Kalpavastram posted a couple of pen Kalamkaris and I immediately asked Lakshmi to block one for me. I wore it on our special day, March 14th. I got a lot of appreciative looks as this saree is genuinely beautiful and a work of art !!

The pen Kalamkari 🙂

And here’s another picture with Krishnan. Picture credits to our dear nephew Dhanush. He does take really good pictures.

This is at the Airbnb that we are staying at in Pune

The neckpiece is from Desh Maheshwari at Noida and its some kind of multicolour fossil stone thats very beautiful. The base saree is a silk cotton Chanderi on which some artist has painstakingly painted with a tamarind pen using natural dyes. Truly a work of art. Thanks Lakshmi, for this beauty. Will cherish it for many many years.

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