A Health Scare and 29 years !

On March 6th, we were having lunch and suddenly Krishnan stood up saying he was feeling uneasy and had pain in his left arm. Even as he asked me to get him a pain killer, he started to sweat profusely. I panicked and told him we are seeing a doctor immediately. As we are in Pune, we didn’t know any doctor nearby so Amma went next door to the Airbnb’s owner’s apartment and knocked. Luckily Jaydeep had just come home for lunch and he immediately came across. Krishnan, Jaydeep and I took the car and within two minutes we reached the Medipoint Hospital. The doctors took over and the first ECG didn’t look good. The ICU doctor told me that Krishnan will need Angioplasty. I was in no state to understand anything, so I told him, please tell Krishnan as he is more knowledgeable about these things and we will take a decision together.

Krishnan told the doctor that he is ok to get any test done but wanted to consult a couple of cardiologists known to us before taking the decision about any invasive procedure. The doctor gave him a bouquet of different coloured tablets and told us we had 20 minutes to take that decision. I called Geetu and Seenu Chitappa with this news and Geetu immediately called her brother who is a leading cardiologist in Aurangabad and gave me his number. I spoke to him and he spoke to the ICU doctor as well. Then Seenu Chitappa got his friend who is also a cardiologist to speak to me. Both of them said, that Krishnan should undergo the Angiography, to figure out what the real issue was. They asked me to call them back with the results before advising on the further course of action.

So Krishnan got prepped for the angiography and as they took a second ECG after he had taken the medicines, the doctor told Krishnan that he was very lucky as the second ECG was totally normal and the heart attack like symptoms seemed to have been due to a clot that had dissolved almost instantly with just the oral medicines. What a tremendous relief !! The cardiologist who did the Angiography called me and explained that the blockages were minimal and can be managed with medicines, diet and exercise and that no angioplasty was required.

By the time this news came through, Geetu, Javed and Seenu Chitappa had reached the hospital and Jaydeep brought Amma to the hospital as well. I slowly got over my fright and total panic, as I saw Krishnan totally normal in the ICU bed after the Angiography. I thought of spending the night at the hospital, but Krishnan and the doctors told me there was absolutely no need as he was absolutely fine. Amma and I got back home and I slept fitfully. I was back at the hospital the next morning at 6 am. They let me see Krishnan at 7 am and he was fine. Just his BP and Sugar levels were being monitored and the right dosage was being calibrated. On 7th, we had lots of visitors and Krishnan was feeling fine enough to be bored :). He spent one more night in the ICU simply to get his BP medicine dosage calibrated as that facility was not available in the private ward.

The next morning on the 8th, Krishnan got shifted to a private room. What a relief ! Radha Athai came over and stayed over since I planned on staying with Krishnan in the room while Amma would be alone at home. Athai and I obviously have a deep connection – she has been around for every stage of my life from the time I was born. She and her prayers have pulled us through so many difficult situations. This was the biggest scare of my life and there she was in the same city, miraculously. Krishnan stayed in the hospital for two more days as the hospital doesn’t discharge patients on Sundays. The proximity of the Airbnb was such a boon as we could take home cooked food for Krishnan and friends and family could visit more freely.

On Monday, March 11th, Krishnan got discharged with a list of medicines that he has to take and we need to go for a checkup a couple of weeks later. The good wishes and prayers of all our friends and family came to our help in every way at this difficult time – the hospital was closeby and medical help could be reached within minutes, good doctors were available and Jaydeep, the Airbnb owner got home just in time… Above all, Krishnan and my parents’ good Karma worked its miracle too. My father-in-law had helped so many poor students by offering tuitions free of cost even as he himself was not financially secure at the time… all those blessings came in handy.

Krishnan is absolutely fine.. he has just been advised rest for a couple of weeks and about a month of taking things slow. He can get back to his swimming and regular exercises after four weeks.

On March 14th, it was our special day as we had met 29 years before on that day. We decided to go and visit the Osho Ashram at Koregaon Park, but got delayed, so couldn’t enter the ashram. We went to the famous German bakery and had a coffee there to celebrate. The biggest celebration was of course the fact that the health scare was just that and nothing more serious.

Both of us at the German Bakery, just outside the Osho Ashram, Koregaon Park, Pune

Thanks to everyone who called, whatsapped and visited us. All your good wishes and prayers worked and kept Krishnan safe and me sane. Thank you. Thanks also to several of you who didn’t know about this, the good wishes you keep sending our way helped too. Geetu and Javed – from 1980 in Shillong to this day, our friendship has been a pillar of support to me. Just seeing you guys meant so much to me and Krishnan. Seenu Chitappa and Usha Akka – your calming presence was much needed as I panicked, just hearing Chitappa say that everything will be fine, don’t worry, felt like Appa was right here. I won’t say thank you but you know how I feel. Harish, Kesho, Vasu Athimber, Pavithra, Krishna, Zeenat, Geet, Surjeet, Amar and Sanjay – thanks for coming over and boosting our morale, it was much needed. Nachi, when I called you, that momentary silence said everything. Your love for Krishnan will pull him through any challenge !

A big thank you to Medipoint Hospital, Dr. Vikram, Dr. Kulkarni, Sister Neha, Sister Sheetal and most importantly Dr. Bhonagiri who leads the hospital with deep commitment.

Yes, I heaved a sigh of relief and am breathing now…….All is well in my world.

16 thoughts on “A Health Scare and 29 years !”

  1. That’s a relief to know sir is healthy. My prayers for his good health. Congratulations for your special day and may you continue celebrating such occasions for next 1000 thousands. My wishes for both of your long life filled with abundant love, health, love and care.

  2. Nice to know Krishnan is fine now and all that was only a scare. But I can understand what you must have gone through in those four five days when he was hospitalised. All is well that has ended well.

    Take care.

    Col S Rajaraman

  3. So happy for both of you! And wish you another 30 years of togetherness!

    Now that Meena, my wife and I are 65 plus, this sharing was very timely- that the greatest blessing, at this stage, is our healthy, loving, caring life more than anything else😊🙏🏼


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