Pulwama – Never Forget, Never Forgive

On Feb 14th, supposedly the day of love, cowards from Pakistan’s terrorist cells attacked a CRPF convoy and 44 soldiers were martyred …

Pulwama Martyrs

The tricolour wrapped coffins hold the lifeless body parts of our soldiers killed in hatred not war. Some of the coffins are empty because no parts could be found. This is the ugly face of terror and till this terrorism is funded and supported by rogue nations and non-state players, there will be many more coffins and many of them will be empty. The heady mix of “my religion is the greatest”, easy access to sophisticated arms and ammunition, a warped sense of finding “heaven” in the afterlife, state sponsorship from Pakistan and indoctrination from an early age makes this new age terrorism difficult to fight. But fight we must and we will !!

The aftermath of the Pulwama attack has been even more disturbing and terribly sad because it exposes the enemies within, Indians who hate India…

This trash who works for a CONgi channel that allegedly helps wash Chidambaram’s dirty money has the audacity to ask #HowstheJaish… well, Jaish will be gone in a flash, but what hurts even more is that those brave soldiers who died have to defend traitors like her and her personal Karmic hell will definitely pay her a visit. Will see #HowstheJaish then !!


The soldiers who keep us safe have also got to keep traitors like Navjot Singh Sidhu alive so he can spew venom. Never forget and never forgive an anti-nationals like him. Love the way Major Poonia answered him.

Then you have the fake news terrorists amidst us who also have to be kept safe for them to peddle their fake news and allegedly steal money that they raise for “victims”.

These anti-national forces are the enemies within and they are responsible for the death of every soldier in this war on terrorism (read Pakistan). Never forget, Never forgive these people. They eat off your plate and add poison in your half of the food. They want every benefit that the government provides and will still ask for more, but will throw stones at the soldier who keeps them free. They are leeches that stick to Mother India’s body, get fat on her blood and celebrate when her sons die in terrorist attacks. This is the enemy to fight … brothers and sisters who have turned traitors.

India will prevail, persevered and always prosper – we have, for 10000+ years. A few vermin cannot break us up.

Jai Hind. Jai Hind ki Sena.

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