Men will be Men ! Really ?

There are many adverts of Seagrams Imperial blue “Music CDs” that are funny and nice. Here’s the latest one that is currently being aired – Imperial Blue – Shoe Lace.

Lovely, isn’t it ? Go on, give it a thumbs up and in your mind just replace the two men with your wife and her friend. Now play the advert …. Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm … what a lovely feeling it is when you know that your wife feels you are so important that she doesn’t want to interrupt your flow while she attends to the more important work of tying her shoelaces, and hands over the cellphone to her friend just as you started to cootchie-coo. Ahhh, Women will be women?? No ? Why do I see you flushed and embarrassed ? Why will men remain men and its perfectly ok to hand over the phone to a friend while your wife is on the phone to tie the all important shoe lace? 

Would appreciate if men and all the women who laughed looking at this cute advert answer the above question.

I was appalled that such a terrible advert was thought of and allowed to be aired. What message are you giving to any young man or woman watching the advert? Its ok to treat your wife/girl friend as an unimportant person and its perfectly ok to let your friend answer as you because they just keep talking nonsense. Girls, if you want to be cool, just suck it up.

Now watch this advert and then watch the wonderful Mr. Karan Johar having coffee with Hardik Pandya and K L Rahul. Now everyone and their grandfathers are out in force to say it was a very harsh punishment given out to the two cricketers for a “silly” remark. Now replace the two men in the Imperial blue advert with Hardik Pandya and K L Rahul and play the remark that Pandya made on the show in the background. What if his girlfriend or wife (don’t know if he married) is saying “Main Karke ayee” just as Pandya hands over the phone to K L Rahul and bends to tie his shoe lace ? How lovely would that be ! And please don’t come back with this argument that K L Rahul never said anything bad, he should be spared …. did he object to the choice of words that Hardik Pandya used? If he didn’t then he deserves the same punishment because he probably agrees with it. And what about the anchor of the show? He never objected to it and so in a way endorsed it. Ohh, its so cool to treat women like objects.

Everything that is shown on TV is seen by children, young adults, adults and senior citizens – while we cannot control what gets streamed across hundreds of channels, atleast the adverts have to be regulated. Every deodorant advert has this wonderful message that you just need to use that particular “deo” and every woman around you will just fall for you, whatever be your character ! How empowering. And of course this “men will be men” shoe lace advert of Imperial Blue talks volumes about women empowerment.

There are also some comments about how female Bollywood stars have spoken about men’s private parts and they were called bold while these “poor” boys got the shaft. Crass language doesn’t make the person “bold” or “cool” – it just shows a crass mind. So whoever speaks like trash, deserves to be trashed. Yep, also the wonderful politicians that we have elected or hope to elect.

Now, will someone get Imperial Blue men to remove their shoe laces altogether and get this offensive advert off the air??

Smells disgusting.

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