Leadership Lessons from Bhagavad Gita #36 – Enough ?

Chapter 2 Verses 59 and 60

विषया विनिवर्तन्ते निराहारस्य देहिन: |
रसवर्जं रसोऽप्यस्य परं दृष्ट्वा निवर्तते || 59||

viṣhayā vinivartante nirāhārasya dehinaḥ
rasa-varjaṁ raso ’pyasya paraṁ dṛiṣhṭvā nivartate

viṣhayāḥobjects for senses; vinivartanterestrain; nirāhārasyapracticing self restraint; dehinaḥfor the embodied; rasa-varjamcessation of taste; rasaḥtaste; apihowever; asyaperson’s; paramthe Supreme; dṛiṣhṭvāon realization; nivartateceases to be

Translation – Aspirants may restrain the senses from their objects of enjoyment, but the taste for the sense objects remains. However, even this taste ceases for those who realizes the Supreme.

Link to the page – https://www.holy-bhagavad-gita.org/chapter/2/verse/59

यततो ह्यपि कौन्तेय पुरुषस्य विपश्चित: |
इन्द्रियाणि प्रमाथीनि हरन्ति प्रसभं मन: || 60||

yatato hyapi kaunteya puruṣhasya vipaśhchitaḥ
indriyāṇi pramāthīni haranti prasabhaṁ manaḥ

yatataḥwhile practicing self-control; hifor; apieven; kaunteyaArjun, the son of Kunti; puruṣhasyaof a person; vipaśhchitaḥone endowed with discrimination; indriyāṇithe senses; pramāthīniturbulent; haranticarry away; prasabhamforcibly; manaḥthe mind

Translation – The senses are so strong and turbulent, O son of Kunti, that they can forcibly carry away the mind even of a person endowed with discrimination and practicing self-control.

Link to the page – https://www.holy-bhagavad-gita.org/chapter/2/verse/60

My interpretation – In 2012 I had written this blog on The threshold of “Enough”. I was reminded of this as I read verses 59 and 60. Bhagwan Krishna says to Arjuna that there is no end to what one desires or the senses are so strong that you give in to their demands.

Our Puranas are full of stories about how even great sages have fallen prey to temptations. Brahmarishi Vishwamitra being tempted by Apsara Menaka is one such story. The man who could create another heaven using his yogic powers, fell prey to the charms of an Apsara. It happens.

In our world today – money and power are the Apsaras and almost every human being is pursuing either or both of them because they assume it brings “happiness” and safety. Yesterday, the help at home asked us for help to buy a “UPS” for his kids. Apparently the power keeps getting cut off in his house and the kids are scared to be in the dark. I was very tempted to tell him, that as children, we used a candle when electricity got cut off and continued to study. Much later in life, we found the emergency lamps that could be charged while there was electricity and then used when the power went off. While I am happy that he is thinking of providing a UPS for his children, there is another side of me who thinks our children are growing up in too much of comfort and nearly every demand of theirs is being fulfilled … a perfect recipe for disaster.

Watch out and stop yourself from drowning in your desires …. say “enough” soon enough.

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