Book Review #2/50 – The Fox

I read every book of Frederick Forsyth’s till the “Fist of God” and then for some strange reason, I never read any other book of his. Ofcourse “The Day of the Jackal” remains an all time favourite and after reading this latest book “The Fox” – it continues to be the favourite :).

I read somewhere that once an author becomes famous, their books are ghost written and atleast in the case of Sidney Sheldon, I have felt that to be true. From the heights of “If Tomorrow Comes” and “The Other Side of Midnight” he suddenly crashed to the lows of “Morning, Noon, night”. While this book of Frederick Forsyth starts off really well, I didn’t quite enjoy the lame duck ending.

I learnt a few things – about the world’s biggest natural gas pipeline called “Turkstream” and the fact that there is a Trans Siberian train that goes all the way till Pyongyang in North Korea. The book takes a few flights of fancy … a child with Asperger’s syndrome being a genius is still a possibility but a head injury making him a little more socially adept is truly fiction at its best. I enjoyed the way current events are beautifully interwoven into the story so would definitely recommend this book for a one time read.

Its fast paced enough to keep you engrossed, till you reach the last chapter – like I said, the ending is a let down. I am not sharing the plot as that would be unfair.


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